April 2014


Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

Weight Loss Through Acupuncture Acupuncture, one of the most commonly used medical procedures in the world, has origins in ancient China. Using acupuncture to attain…


Weight Loss Clinics

Obesity is an ever-expanding problem in Western society. The standard Western diet consists of too much protein, fats and sugars and not enough fresh fruits…

tissues inside breast

Dense breast tissue

Mammograms are a special kind of x-ray used to look at breast tissue for the purpose of diagnosing breast cancer. By the time most women…


Why Use Zinc?

Acne affects men and women and outbreaks can affect any parts of the face, back, neck, body, scalp or vagina. The majority of those who…


Using Hoodia to Lose Weight

Hoodia is a weight loss supplement that is new to North America and the weight loss industry. It is another over the counter supplement sold…


How to do a breast check

Women should begin doing self breast exams beginning in their 20s. Performing these breast examinations at home becomes a habit that may one day save…


The Best Arthritis Treatment Is Individual

Summary: The best arthritis treatment may involve many different options and you may want to look at all of the best treatments out there to determine which things you want to explore further. If you do not give up on finding a treatment for your arthritis you will likely have the most success.

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