July 2014


Kidney Stones and Vitamin C

The vitamin C plays important role for preventing and dissolving kidney stones into urine. Therefore, if you are suffering from kidney stone, then your diet,…


Is Tazorac Right For Me?

Acne is a condition which is often difficult to deal with, both physically and psychologically. Many teenagers suffer for days and months at a time…


Kidney Stones Calcium Oxalate

Various types of crystals are found in the kidney stones. These crystals are calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, a mixture of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate…


Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Most people today want to have more, have better, run faster and fly higher. Never say enough! In this environment finding a healthy weight loss…

woman breast

Breast Pain

With increasing media attention on health and wellness issues, and the speed that this information travels across the Internet, most women have learned that pain…

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Using Green Tea to Lose Weight

Green tea weight loss supplements are becoming more popular because they reportedly assist people with their weight loss goals. Most experts agree that supplements can…

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