December 2014


Fitness Programs

Your health depends in part upon your fitness. Programs have been developed and are available for young, old, disabled and couch potatoes. Everyone should have…


Fitness Training

Today’s world is fast paced and full of immediate gratification. We want and demand fast food, immediate results, cable Internet connections and instant results from…

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Fitness Walking

Have you been a couch potato but want to start back to an exercise program? Fitness walking may very well be the program for you!…

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Games To Improve Your Memory

To use games to improve your memory you first have to have an understanding of what memory is. There are actually several types of memory….


Fitness Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common topic of conversation. The standard Western diet has introduced high amounts of fat, oils, sugar and processed foods that have…


Christmas Guide

Let’s face it – there is nothing festive about guilt when we over indulge over Christmas. With a little planning you can enjoy the feast…


Home Fitness Gym

Home fitness gyms are becoming more and more popular as they become more affordable. People recognize the need for fitness programs to improve their health…


Healthy Eating Plan

You have made the decision to start to eat from a healthy eating plan. As you take a look at your normal eating habits and…


Jump rope exercise

Research is firm on the health benefits that people receive when they exercise. Blood pressure and cholesterol decrease, energy levels increase, weight is lost, and…

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