10 Tips For Avoiding Boredom On a Keto Or Low Carb Diet

Are you tired of your low carb Keto lifestyle? Are the eggs for breakfast or avocado added to meals for fats starting to feel redundant? Tired of macro tracking and eating the same food? Is the workload of maintaining the keto lifestyle wearing thin? It is a chore sometimes. How do those who conquer, reach their goals, and get healthy do it? Day after day?

Quitting is not the answer when things get boring, difficult, or tedious. Making minor changes can spice this diet up and lighten your load. 

Change Things Up

Making small changes to your meal plan can bring some variety back into your life. Let’s check out some tips and suggestions for bringing back the freshest to this low carb lifestyle.

Menu Makeover
If you have been eating the same breakfast day after day. STOP. Take a break. Switch to a different meal item. Make it fun. Go through your list of keto-friendly foods and put some new dishes on the menu. Keep the items simple so food prep is no hassle. Just staring at a new breakfast item in the morning may help with some inspiration.

For example, add some cherry juice to your morning keto-friendly yogurt.

Veggie Time
Consider seasonal produce items. Check out local vegetables, produce stands, and specials in the store for what is in season. Try out new carb friendly options you have not tried before. Keep track of new favorites. Start making a list for future seasonal rotations for menu options. Take some of these new veggies and fruits and create new recipes and meals. 

Try New Foods
Try new foods to conquer keto boredom. Breaking the routine of foods will help keep this diet interesting and fresh. Even when it comes to pre-made meals or ingredients, sometimes you gotta switch them up. Try completely new foods that you normally don’t eat. This can give you more options when it comes to changing up the meals you eat each day.

Checkout Low Carb Products
There are many low carb shakes, bars, brownies, non-added sugar dried cherries, candies, cookies, snacks and even pancake mixes available to indulge in. Did you know that fruit powders are also low in carbs including tart cherry powder? Many taste so good you will feel like you’re cheating, but you’re not!

Try New Recipes
Low carb is so popular that there are literally thousands of recipes for low carb cooking. Many are hacks for your high carb favorites, try some today!

Herbs And Spice And Everything Nice
Try new keto-friendly spices. Adding to your spice rack is one way to keep meals interesting and the carb count down. Check out various salt-free seasonings. You may also find keto-friendly spices depending on where you shop. A quick internet search will get you reviews and a list of the best spices for keto fans. 

Getting Saucy
Similar to venture out of your comfort zone with spices; keto-friendly sauces can give your menu makeover some pizazz. Check out apple barbecue sauce for your chicken, ribs or pork. Yummy!

Try dishes from other cultures with new flavors. Looking up ingredients in advance can help you make sure you stay true to your keto mission.

Try Some Low Carb Hacks and Swaps

Low carb is so popular that hundreds of hacks and swaps have been created to replace high carb unhealthy favorites with low carb variations. How about some low carb pancakes made with cottage cheese or almond flour? Or pizza that swaps the flour crust with a mushroom or cauliflower one? Sounds good right?

Bake Something

Try out baking. Keto fans often use coconut or almond flour. These low carb options leave the door wide open for all kinds of low carb baking options. Consider adding in a keto-friendly sweetener or some protein powder for a recipe that is low carb and promotes gains in the gym. 

These are just a few tips for spicing up Keto eating. Make the old new again. By cleaning up aspects of your diet you can keep the decadence alive and the boredom at bay. If you run a menu and meal plan refresh every couple of months you are sure to avoid keto burnout and boredom. 

Now, go and add some excitement to your keto diet!

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