January 2015

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Dangers of Bleach

Are you among the millions of consumers who believe that because it is sold on the grocery store shelves it is safe? Well, think again!…

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Fire Alarm Placement

Fire claims the lives of one person every 2½ hours in the United States. Most of these deaths are from smoke inhalation and not burns….

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Green Home Products

Going green is a environmentally sound practice for you and your family. But it is a choice. Going green means using green home products or…

Fire Safety

Fire safety is upper most on the minds of most fire department personnel. Many fire safety precautions are easy to take and save lives. More…

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Home Security

Home security is important whether you call your home an apartment, a hotel or a house. Peace of mind comes from protecting your safety and…

Poison Houseplants

They are beautiful. They bring the ‘outdoors inside’. They also help to detoxify the indoor air of your home. They are houseplants. Houseplants are an…

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Radon Water Filters

Radon is a risk factor that you hear most about when purchasing a new home. Home inspectors will ask if you want a radon inspection…

Steps to living green

Living green is a choice. Steps to green living make a change in the environment of your home, your community and ultimately, the world. You…


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