6 Benefits of Eating Food Products Made with USA Produce

During times of global uncertainly, eating foods produced in the USA with USA-grown produce and other ingredients is top of mind for many consumers.

With the lack of transparency for growing and manufacturing practices, when compared to the USA, many countries fall short in providing this vital information to the end consumer.

Imported products from overseas may not have tracking and tracing capability we have in the United States. Food inspection guidelines may not be as strict in China, for example, when compared to the transparency of the USDA and the FDA.

Oversight from these and other agencies give consumers the confidence of buying and consuming food products made in the USA and with USA-grown ingredients. That’s why it is vital to know where your food comes from.

Check out the 6 reason why you should buy American-Made gourmet food products with USA-grown produce.

Enjoying products made from USA-grown produce offers a number of benefits for consumers, farmers and the USA.

Local farmers and gourmet food producers offer a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and gourmet food products. Having the option to purchase USA-produce not only helps your local community, but also USA—products offer great taste and are full of flavor.

USA-grown Food is Full of Flavor

The United States offers some of the best-tasting fruits, veggies and gourmet products in the world. The reason is simple. The USA has best food growing, food safety and production capabilities anywhere in the world. 

Many times, the produce grow in the USA is available at your local farm market or food manufacturer within 24 hours. This means you’re getting the freshest of the fresh. It also means when these same fruits and veggies go into the making of some of the best gourmet foods products available, too.

For example, Traverse Bay Farms, located in Northern Michigan has won 30+ national food awards for their all-natural gourmet salsa, jams, fruit barbecue sauces and more. Their gourmet food products are made with as much locally grown produce as possible.

Guaranteed Quality of Goods

“Made in the USA” is a statement of quality, transparency, traceability and great taste. When importing ingredients and gourmet food products from other countries, shipments and products can be monitored, however, there is no true guarantee of longevity and quality.

 One product that has been at the forefront of import tariffs and product quality is tart cherry juice concentrate. Cherry juice naturally helps to soothe joint pain caused by arthritis and gout. It is fast becoming the first-choice for joint suffered.

Over the past few years, Turkish, Polish and Chinese cherry juice has been flooding the USA. With all of this product coming into the marketplace, it was driving down price and quality of the overall products.  

For example, Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice Concentrate is made with USA-grown, Montmorency tart cherries. It is also the only cherry juice concentrate in the entire cherry juice industry to offer a sediment-free guarantee.

This means, this product won’t have any thick sediment or sludge in the bottle of the bottle. This is an excellent example of the quality of USA gourmet products offering high-quality.

For example, tariffs had been also imposed in cherry-products imported from Turkey.

Boosts Investment in American Farms and Food Manufacturing

Buying American-made grown and food products means investment and finance for American farmers and the economy. The more sales made by Grown and Made in the USA also helps the local, regional and national growing and manufacturing economy.

Guaranteed Safer Working and Growing Practices/Conditions

Unlike other countries, including China, regulations are in place for worker safety for manufacturing. Health standards and rigid inspections are in place from the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA), FDA and other agencies to oversee health and safety issues for end consumers.

Local Growers Can Tell You How the Food was Grown

When it comes to growing practices overseas, you may never really know. However, when it comes to growing practices in the USA, they are transparent and open. Growing practice are published in countless websites and more.

You can ask what practices used to raise, harvest and manufacturer the crops and products. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you have more confidence in buying and consuming the food for you and your family.

Local Produce has More Nutrients

Local foods have shorter time between harvest and your table or to the food manufacturer. Imported food products or raw ingredients shipped in from oversea has traveled countless miles, sat in shipping containers or distribution centers before they go to your local grocery store or a food manufacturer.

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