7 All-Natural, Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

Even though aging is a natural process of growing older there are still many factors that play a role in whether we will age faster than our biological age, or whether we will grow old gracefully. A lot of people do look older than they really are because they do things that advance the aging process. Look at these factors that can cause you to age prematurely:

#1: Attitude

The mind sure does play a role in whether we will age slower or faster. Happier people look younger, always. When you hope, have optimism, joy, and contentment in your life, youthful vigor exudes from the face and body. Studies prove that happier people live longer with fewer health problems.

Continual anger and stress etches itself in the skin causing deep lines and wrinkles. How your body and face reveal your emotions and expressions can determine how prematurely you develop wrinkles on your skin.

#2: Smoking and drinking

When you smoke and drink in excess, you are not doing your skin any good, because these two habits deplete your body of necessary nutrients. The skin requires much collagen, elastin, and hydration to look youthful and healthy.

If you smoke, you deprive your entire body of oxygen. Drinking, too, can leave permanent marks on your body. Not only are you damaging your kidney and liver, but facial skin can become discolored over time. There are 4 aging things that smoking and drinking bring to your skin: Dehydration, swelling, collagen depletion, and inflammation.

#3: Cold, Sun, and Moisture

It is so easy to accelerate the aging process just simply by basking in the sun’s rays. Damage caused by the sun is the top cause of wrinkles. Age spots, too, and other discoloration forms worsen under the harmful UV rays of the sun. Someone who has spent years working on their tan will ultimately end up with leathery and wrinkled skin.

Once you extend your time in the sun over 20 minutes, the benefits that you would receive from taking in some essential vitamin D are all counteracted by the UV rays damage to your skin. Cold weather too, is just as dangerous, causing thin, wrinkled skin. If you have acne and you use harsh treatments that deplete your skin of natural oils, you damage its natural elasticity.

#4: Diet

Food has a huge impact on the skin. When you choose foods high in sugar and fat, i.e. processed foods, with few vegetables and fruit, you create something inside your body that goes completely against anti-aging methods.

When you replace all that ‘bad food’ with foods that are healthy and organic, you avoid creating inflammation from building up in your body which is one big aging factor. Cherry juice is a great choice to reduce inflammation naturally. Cherries contain anthocyanins. These are powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Also consider adding no-added sugar cherries to your diet, too.

#5: Weight

If you are not at a normal weight, you probably are too heavy or too thin. Being too overweight or too underweight adds years on to the aging process. Being underweight, you will lose the natural fats in your face, resulting in sagging skin; jowls and wrinkles.

Not even a facelift or Botox treatments can help a thin and underweight face to replace the natural youthful fattiness that used to fill out your face in earlier days. When you add on a couple of extra pounds to a very underweight body, you can make yourself look softer and more wrinkle-free.

Too much weight creates the appearance of being older than you are because you have poor muscle tone. People who are overweight become less active as they age. Because of all that inactivity, they create for themselves chronic health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Mal-nourishing your body can add on anything from 10 to 20 years to your appearance and health. It is never too late to fix things. A rich diet that is full of antioxidants, fresh and natural foods and plenty of muscle building exercises can kick-start your metabolism again.

If you are serious about your weight and trying to reverse some aging habits, it might be a good start to see a nutritionist periodically so they work out a high energy, age-fight low fat program for you to adhere to.

#6: Choices

Every day we make choices that will hinder or delay or help the process of aging. You should involve yourself in regular workouts to keep your body looking toned, healthy, and full of energy. It’s your choice to opt for the television set with your bowl of chips or it’s your choice to get ‘out there’, exercising and building your body for a youthful and more disease free body.

When you make the right choice to work for your body and not against it, you help the anti-aging process big time. That means listening to your body and what it is telling you. Don’t just carry on eating when you are full. Rest when you are tired.

Focus on your body’s needs, turning towards natural inventions and natural interventions rather than the chemical solutions, if you want to turn back the hands of time. Because these choices to work with your body and its natural rhythms will pay you back in dividends that you would never have dreamed of.

#7: Stress

Stress, unfortunately, is a very good recipe for aging.  And we all suffer from time to time. Chronic stress can ruin your health and your mental state too, which is a top aging factor. All those worries, frowns, and negative feelings encourage the aging process. It’s not that easy just to say, get rid of stress, but it is necessary to find ways to de-stress like a wonderful massage, calming and natural herbs, foods that de-stress and certainly exercise.

We all know that those late nights, the early starts, the work stress, drinking the night before, lots of sugar – all this FOMO takes a major toll on your skin.  When you can’t bear to miss a party, to watch every hot Netflix movie, or try every new cocktail bar, busily spending hours on social media to keep your friends updated, it all takes its toll. In your 20s, you are probably too busy to see the warning signs coming.

But they are all adding up to premature aging of your body, your health, and your skin. By the time you hit your 30s, you can expect to be starting to see the results, dry eyes, sagging skin, puffy and red face, wrinkles, dry hair …. The list will get longer over time.

Nobody said there’s anything wrong with aging, its life’s natural process but if you don’t look after your body and skin, you might just be ‘old’ 20 years ahead of your time.

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