7 Subtle Ways to Stop Your Skin from Aging

Check out these 7 subtle ways that your skin gets older by the day, faster than it should be:

1. When you spend too much time on social media

Ever heard of ‘tech-neck’? It can cause you back and neck problems with all that peering down at your phone, aging your neck and jawline faster. The pull of gravity from looking downwards all the time means sagging in the lower face starting earlier than it should.

2. Lying in bed using your phone

All that bright light from your phone screen or laptop can certainly hamper your sleep – let alone the damage you do to your eyes when you stare at that bright light in a dark room as well. It can definitely cause dry eyes and eye infections because your blinking mechanism is all suppressed.

3. Computer lighting

When you spend too long staring at your computer or television, it’s a no-no when it comes to trying to keep a youthful skin. The light, known as high energy visible light can break down elastin and skin collagen structures that are responsible for keeping your skin youthful and firm.

4. Drinking too much

A big negative side-effect of drinking too much alcohol is it dries out the skin. It acts as a diuretic too, causing your skin to become dehydrated and flaky. If you looking to swap out the alcohol and spice up your water, consider adding anti-oxidant rich, cherry juice to it. Cherries are full of anti-inflammatory compounds and are rich in anti-oxidants.

5. Not sleeping enough

When you don’t get enough sleep, or you don’t drink enough water, you can wake up with puffy skin and even extra makeup will not take that away. When you don’t get your 40 winks every day, your face can start looking pale and lifeless.

6. Turning the heat up

When you are cold you want to be warm, but over-hot temperatures can dry out the skin caused by central heating. Combinations of hot and cold weather are harsh on the skin leading to dry, sallow and dull complexions caused by dehydration. People need to realize that drinking water in winter is just as important as in the summer.

7. Sleeping on the wrong bed linen

Did you know that the wrong kind of bed linen can add lines to your face? Ideally, what you are looking for are soft, pillowcases made from silk, so much gentler on the skin, and particularly if you are someone who likes to sleep on your side.

Pillowcases that are made from synthetic materials can result in small folds and creases on your face and body which, over time, develop into premature wrinkling, say the skin experts.

8. Eating unhealthily – or not eating enough

It should not be a surprise to anyone that sugary, oily foods aren’t going to do your skin any good. When you are too busy in your life to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritional foods, you accelerate the volume loss from your face.

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