Alternative Remedies for Gout: From Charcoal Baths to Cherries

Gout holds the reputation of being one of the most dreaded of arthritis types in the world, as it is simply one painful disease. Basically, with gout, what happens is that there thrives a buildup of uric acid crystals in the articular cartilage, tendons, and the tissues surrounding these areas of the human body. In some cases, these uric acid crystals could grow in size, large enough to actually burst through the skin, forming sinuses, letting out a whitish chalk-like material. For such gout cases, surgery stands to be one option in dealing with the gout condition. Other cases of gout involve overly sensitive skin, particularly over the areas where the gout condition is. Some gout cases are so intense that even the slightest touch could be already quite painful for the gout patient. Also, low grade fever stands to be another symptom experienced by gout patients, but not on a universal gout scale. 

About seventy five percent of all gout cases start with pain being felt in the big toe, or big toes of gout patients. This stands as an indicator to just what one is starting to experience. Such are the pangs with which many gout patients have to contend with on a regular basis. 

As a condition, there are many courses of action which people could take in dealing with gout. From the more medical to the alternative, there are actually a number of options with which a gout patient, or gout concerned parties, could take in dealing with the disease. One of them could be the charcoal bath, one of the most popular alternative remedies for a gout condition. 

The Charcoal Bath Option

If you are thinking of bathing a gout patient in charcoal, you may want to step back a little as a charcoal bath isn’t exactly a bath per se. What happens in a charcoal bath in dealing with a gout patient is that their feet are soaked in a warm water charcoal solution, thus the name charcoal bath, for anything in between 30 to 60 minutes. 

As charcoal is a known substance for attracting toxins, a charcoal bath actually helps gout patients, who benefit much from such an alternative therapy to a condition like gout. Countless testimonials from various gout patients state that their gout conditions have much benefited from the charcoal bath alternative gout remedy option.

Don’t laugh. Sure, it may be called charcoal bath, but it has helped many gout patients as it is.
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