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Some of us have the feeling that our lives are lived in a pressure cooker. We are under stress from work, school, children and spouses. Sometimes it’s difficult to control our anger or anger controls our thoughts and inability to sleep. This isn’t the way that God wants us to live.

Anger and stress are not external. They are internal to us and our own responses to outside events. There is a good chance that at sometime or another you have been in angry tirade when the phone rings. When you pick it up your voice is calm and under complete control. The anger that controlled you only 30 seconds previously is now completely gone.

There are some very real techniques that you can use to control anger and manage stress with a Christian perspective. First and foremost we must make time to be with God. God is a priority in each day. Even when your schedule is overwhelming if you spend just five minutes with Him, He can help you keep a positive outlook. This isn’t time in ‘church’ or a specific building but just time with Him – in the car, on a walk, before getting out of bed in the morning or drinking coffee.

Try to use good healthy habits as well – exercise, balanced diet and plenty of rest. When our bodies are well nourished and rested most stress isn’t as stressful. Plan your week ahead and stick with the schedule. When someone wants to impose their needs you have the option of invoking the needs of your schedule. Failure to plan on the part of your co-workers, doesn’t mean it’s an emergency for you. Do what you can to help without killing yourself to do it.

Another anger and stress management Christian principle is to simplify your life where you can. You could delegate tasks, learn to say ‘no’, or remove extra-curricular activities from the family schedule. Our busy schedule keeps us from connecting with God – and what do you think He cares about more, things or a relationship with him?

Take time to do something for yourself on a regular basis. If you don’t take the time to get re-energized you’ll find you get angry more quickly, are unable to cope with some of the common daily stresses of your life and you just want to up and quit everything –not always an option.

An additional anger and stress management Christian principle is to engage your problem with a neutral person. It’s amazing how many times our anger disappears when we share the information out loud. Try walking away from the situation, going for a walk outside or even giving yourself a time-out to cool down.

All anger stress management Christian principles involve centering your life around God and becoming more Christ like. We are all sinners and fall short but we have grace through Jesus Christ and with his help can get back up again. If you approach life with the understanding that you will get angry but should always strive to decrease the amount of time and the intensity of your anger you’ll find that your goal is well within your reach. It’s when we believe we must be perfect that our anger gets out of control.

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