Answering What is Gout

So you’re asking “what is gout? So basically what is it? What is gout? If you are asking such “what is gout questions”, read on and find out just what is gout, why it is such a big deal when people mention it.

Gout is basically a known metabolic arthritis type, meaning it is a disease, one which affects the joint areas of the body, and the tissues surrounding it. The whole condition of gout is such as it is caused by a congenital disorder of uric acid metabolism. When talking about gout, uric acid crystals, or also known as monosodium urate, are deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, leading to problems.

That’s basically what gout is, in answering your “what is gout” question. But that’s not all. As a disease, gout is very serious, and to term it a minor would be quite a huge understatement, as gout stands to be a rather huge problem. It is very very uncomfortable and very very painful as well.

The “classic” symptoms of gout would be that of burning, sudden, unexpected pain, as well as the redness, swelling, warmness and stiffness of gout affected joints in the body. Fever, though mostly low-grade, are also among the associated symptoms which come with gout. Two sources of pain basically are the most complaints of patients suffering from gout. One, as there are crystals deposited inside the joints, moving them would often result to excruciating pain. Second, the tissues surrounding the joints tend to be swollen, and get too overly sensitive, and could register pain even from the slightest touch, like say a blanket covering the affected area, for example. 

For someone suffering from and extreme case of gout, something as “trivial” as a blanket would be a world of pain already.

To further supplement this answer to your “what is gout” question, gout typically starts affecting the body on the big toe. 75 percent of cases have patients complaining about the pain starting from there, but not all indicate that they only strike or striked there, as other joints areas of the body also get affected. Areas like the knees, the heels, the wrists, the fingers, and even the spine, are known to be affected by a gout condition.

When talking about battling gout, a good healthy diet stands to be the best defense against the disease. As with the old saying that goes health is wealth, by watching what one eats, one could veer himself or herself away from gout, as well as other diseases and ailments.

Here’s hoping this has answered your “what is gout” question.
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