BeachBody Workouts

As the name implies, the company BeachBody produces workout programs that are designed to get your body ready for bikini season. They have several different workouts, all of which you can do at home, that can fit into your personal and individualized needs and goals. From their primary product, P90X to the products developed for people who can’t workout for an hour at a time, BeachBody works to meet the needs of as many people with fitness goals as possible.

P90X is an intense workout that was originally designed and marketed by Tony Horton to give you fast results over a short amount of time using a minimal amount of equipment that you can purchase with the DVDs. The basis of the P90X program is 12 different workouts that are targeted for lean muscle development and increasing your metabolism to burn more calories using a high intensity interval training technique. The Ulitmate program comes with 3 different phases of nutritional supplements.

Insanity is the second hard working fitness program by BeachBody that was designed by Shawn T. In fact, the marketing tells potential customers that it is the hardest workout ever put on DVD. Shawn spends time motivating his customers and pushing you to levels you didn’t think you could achieve. The basis is working through an interval workout that has a short recovery period and a longer period working with your heart rate higher. This program uses only your body weight to achieve some phenomenal goals.

If you are looking for a workout that will firm and tone your glutes, specifically a Brazillian Butt, then BeachBody has that for you too. The Brazil Butt Lift program is advertised to give you a supermodel sexy booty in just 60 days. Originator Leandro Carvalho claims to have designed the program for Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. The fitness program also claims to reduce or eliminate cellulite in the buttock area, a sure benefit for most women seeking to improve their glutes.

And, for those who are limited on time and energy, Tony Horton, original creator of P90X, has designed a 10 minute program he calls 10 Minute Trainer which BeachBody claims to give you a flat belly in just 10 minutes a day. 10 Minute Trainer comes with 6 different DVDs that target different areas and claims it uses specific super-stacking tools to increase your calorie burn and muscle development in the shortest amount of time possible.


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