Causes of Kidney Stones

Do you know in United States alone some 300,000 people each year are hospitalized due to Kidney Stones? This is one of the most painful diseases since the earliest of times. One of the evidences depicts the presence of kidney stones logged inside ancient Egyptian Mummies. It is necessary to know about the causes of disease. 

If you ask what are the causes of kidney stone then medical community have no definitive answer.  Disorders of the anatomical,mineral,and endocrinological systems along with metabolic disorders are involved among the causes. These disorders can lead to forming the kidney stone. 

There is a thought that the condition as kidney stone is inherited one. Don't get surprised to know that if one of your parents has kidney stone and you are suffering the same. The chances of getting it to you are very high. Kidney stone is transferable through generations. Heredity can become one of the causes of kidney stone. 

The most of the kidney stones are made of calcium and hypercalciuria (high levels of calcium in the urine). It is risky one. The predisposition to high level of calcium in the urine may be carried through heredity. You can see the people with renal tubular acidosis and people with problems metabolizing a variety of chemicals including cystine (an amino acid), oxalate, (a type of salt), and uric acid (as in gout). These people face the consequences of kidney stone which causes due to heredity. It is one of the most possible reasons. 

Living conditions also matter a lot to encourage the formation of kidney stone. Kidney stone complaints are more serious in hot and humid areas than in cooler climates. Geographical location is one of the causes of your kidney stone. geographic predisposition of people from Southern United States have an increased risk of kidney stone. There are regional 'stone belts' with people living in this area. People in  this area get easily dehydrated , since the cimate is hot. However their urine becomes more concentrated, the condition allows chemicals to come in closer contact and this leads to beginning of forming nidus of the stone. Thus geographical location matters to support the infection to grow.   

However, what you eat is very much considerable to find out the causes of kidney stone. The root cause of kidney stone is calcium. Many times doctors suggest not eating the food with lot of calcium in it. It can be problematic to you. Strong build up of calcium in your body will result in kidney stone. So before eating cereals, orange juice and a number of enriched bread. Think once again. 

Intake of OTC products can lead in formation of kidney stone in your body. People taking water pills and those who regularly take antacids that have a high calcium content, endup increasing the amount of calcium in their urine. This is the reason to increase the risk of forming stones. Patients with HIV who take the medication indinavir (Crixivan) have the possibility of forming indinavir stones.

Causes of kidney stone are not much more. The basic cause is calcium only.
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