Childhood Obesity

More and more children are now suffering from childhood obesity. This is now one of the main threats to children’s health.

In the United States around 16% of children and young adults are obese and in the United Kingdom it is rising by approximately 30% in recent years.

As children eat more and more junk food and get less and less exercise then childhood obesity will rise and rise until the majority of children and then adults are obese.

These children are becoming vulnerable to more and more diseases which children in the past didn’t have at the numbers that are being seen today. Heart disease and high blood pressure as well as stress and depression have become more and more of a problem as well as Type II diabetes.

The other thing that is shocking the world is that malnutrition is again becoming a problem in the West where it used to be a case in Third World Countries. As less and less children are eating a healthy diet, they become obese but also many of them suffer from malnutrition.

The only way out of this spiral of eating and disease is to stop today and take a stand to make childhood obesity a thing of the past. It is our responsibility to make sure our children are healthy and if we don’t know how then we need to educate ourselves. It is a gift we need to pass onto our children that they have the best start in life and continue that through their lives and pass onto the next generation.

You might think your obesity and your child’s obesity is a result of genetics. That might be true on one hand but think about it logically. If you are not eating a balanced diet and getting no exercise you will gain weight. Too many calories and too little exercise equals overweight. Now if your child eats the same foods and follows the same amount of exercise then don’t be surprised if they are also overweight. Yes genetics might be a problem but also if the same foods are being eaten then you need to make sure you change the whole families eating and exercise habits.

As a parent you are responsible for your children and not giving them a healthy diet and encouraging them to exercise is something you have to do. You will need to take the responsibility if your child has a heart attack by the age of 20 because of their diet and lack of exercise.

Be a responsible parent and take control of your families eating habits and exercise. Make changes today and see childhood obesity a thing of the past. Start with your family and it is time to start today.

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