Children and Depression

Are your children suffering from depression? It might be a medical problem which needs for them to be medicated for and you should always seek out medical advice. But what if it related to their diet and eating habits?

Many children who are overweight or obese are depressed. Children can be cruel and the taunts they face because of their size will kill their self esteem but also give them depression. No more will they want to go outdoors, and for some they will give up wanting to live. Some might even attempt suicide as an alternative because in their thinking anything is better than what I am living at the moment. Even death is more pleasant a prospect than life.

Yes all children need to be seen by a doctor who will look and see what is causing their depression. They might need to go on tablets which might help but unless the root cause if found and treated then it is like putting a band-aid on a deep cut hoping it will heal. A deep cut will need cleaning, stitches and in some cases antibiotics to kill the infection. The same is true with children who are suffering depression from their size.

A tablet is like the band-aid it looks like it is doing its job but until the body is cleansed of all those toxins and then the weight is dealt with nothing will change.

If your children are obese then you have it in your power to change what they eat. Yes they might be binge eating or a secret eater but at least some changes will be made that will start to see the problem changed. You will also need to spend time with them talking about what they are feeling.

Overweight or obese children are more likely to be bullied so you need to take control and talk to the schools. Some will be more helpful than others. But remember if these attacks are taking place because of their weight problems then you have the responsibility to make the necessary changes to the food consumed.

One thing you might want to consider when your children are depressed is getting them involved in exercise. It might be the last thing they want to do but telling them you are going with them for that walk.

There is a medical reason for this not just to get fit and tone up muscles but exercise releases ENDORPHINS. You might be wondering what they are. Endorphins are a natural anti-depressant. This is why when you do 20 mins of exercise you will feel better. That alone should encourage you to get your children and family out to exercise during the week.
You can help your children if they are suffering from depression. Get medical advice but talk to them and find out why they are suffering from depression. If it is related to their weight then do something about it. If they don’t take exercise then start with them to go out and walk if nothing else.

With your help depression in your children can be helped or even ended, today try and find out what is causing your children to be depressed.

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