Children and Dinner

This is a meal that most parents have total control over. They will be responsible for buying the food and cooking the dinner. But it is a meal that sadly is missing from many homes in the old fashioned way.

Instead of a family meal together it is easier to prepare a Television dinner and get your children to eat while watching the television.

The statistics are very sad in this area, when asked many children had never eaten a dinner at the dining table. Many have no idea how to use a knife or fork and even fewer know what a vegetable tastes like. Some children were shown a potato and asked what it was. Only a small number knew what it was and when explained that is what makes chips/fries they answered, “No it is’ not, they come from a plastic package in the frozen section of the supermarket.”

Yes it might be less stressful to ring the local pizza shop and order a pizza to be delivered, or get a microwave meal and 4 mins in the microwave to serve it. But have you thought about the consequences of your actions?

You see life is full of choices and the choices we make will always have a consequence. If you don’t cook and maybe that is because you have never been taught to cook by your parents, then do you expect your children to cook when they leave home and live in their own home?

You might also say well it is cheaper to buy these ready meals or ring for pizza or go to the burger shop but it that a false economy?

You are feeding your children junk food and some could argue that you are abusing your children when you give them this sort of food because you are making them physically ill.

Think about what illnesses you have that are related to your diet. Do you have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, insomnia, irritable bowel and many other illnesses or diseases? How many times has your doctor told you to change your diet and you ignore the advice. Well it isn’’t just you who is suffering from these illnesses but you causing to children to have the same medical problems but earlier.

Stop the cycle today and start to cook your dinner for all the family. Teach then to sit at the table and use a knife and fork. Start to introduce vegetable into the meal. You might not know how to cook them but look in the supermarket and some are helping you by putting some prepared vegetables together and telling you how many minutes in the microwave. These are excellent as you don’t have to clean and chop them and the best part if there is nothing added to them. They are quick and easy to cook using the microwave.

Start to cook your own meat and fish. Experiment with different foods and make your own burgers if that is what your children are used to. Introduce the different foods to them and tell them you are taking the role of being a parent back from them. No longer allow them to dictate what they eat. They only eat what they do because you started them on it. If the pizza place wasn’t around then you would have made something else. If they don’t want to eat it, explain to them the reasons that you are making the changes.

You might think it is too expensive but think of all the medical bills you are saving if you give them a healthy diet and save them from always running to the doctor with this complaint or that.

Take control of dinner and experiment with lots of different foods, you will be surprised over time how many foods your children will eat for dinner. And the best result will be in ten or twenty years when they are fit and healthy and thank you for loving and caring enough to make the changes to their dinner.

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