Children and Eating Disorders

What eating disorders are your children suffering from? You might be saying my child or children don’t have eating disorders, well it might surprise you to hear that many children and that might include your children have eating disorders.

Many parents have eating disorders which their children have learnt from them. You see the reactions you have to food are lessons which you teach your children to have. If you are constantly saying you can’t eat this because then your children will pick up the messages, some which might even surprise you.

You children might suffer from anorexia from as young as four year old because they suddenly stop eating. You might think it is a phase they are going through because they don’t like this food or that food or because they want their own way. That might be the case but it might also be the case as has been found in some children they are thinking if I eat then I will become fat and then nobody will love me.

You might be a secret eater but you might be shocked to be surprised that you are not such a secret eater as you thought. You might be surprised that your children have found you out and have become secret eaters themselves.

If you eat chocolate in secret hiding the wrappers you won’t find your children telling you how many bars of chocolate they have eaten in a day. They will like you learn how to eat in secret and hide their addictions.

You might be a binge eater and see that your children are also binge eaters as well. Many people are binge eaters and it is becoming a major problem with children as well. It seems that many people no longer are able to control the amount they eat and think nothing of eating large portions of one food at a time.

A large majority of obese people are addicted to certain foods like sugar or fats. In the past there have been highlights having been made about nuts. The medical profession suggest you avoid giving them to young children to save them becoming allergic to nuts. But children are being fed large amounts of fats and sugar and they are becoming addicted to them.

But they also can be allergic to these substances and need to be given them in far smaller amounts. If you stop giving them both high amounts of sugar and fats then you will find that they suffer from withdrawal symptoms from not eating them. They soon discover that a fix of chocolate solves the problem, but in reality it solves the short term problem but opens the door to major problems in the future.

As parents we need to check what habits our children have in terms of food and eating or not eating. We need to know if they have received the wrong messages from us and the actions we take. We need to see any eating disorders in children dealt with before it spirals out of control.

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