Cholesterol Natural Remedies

You hear so much talk these days about “lowering your cholesterol”, but do we even know what it is? All that most people know is that it is bad for your health and that it is related to fatty intake, which is somewhat correct. Cholesterol is a substance, a fatty substance. It is yellow in color, soft and it clings to your membranes and cell walls throughout the inside of your body systems. In order to stay healthy your body does need cholesterol, but since your body produces it, you definitely do not need to add it to your diet.

There are several things that you can do to keep your cholesterol in check and to keep your body healthy without the use of medications unless your cholesterol is severely out of control. Some cholesterol natural remedies have quite a bit to do with lifestyle changes.

To keep your cholesterol levels optimal you can:

1. Lose weight if you are overweight or maintain your weight if it is already optimal. Not only does excess weight cause your cholesterol levels to rise it also keeps it imbalanced. Higher levels of cholesterol can clog up your blood vessels. The worst place to carry excess fat is in the abdominal area. Excess fat in the abdominal area is a good indication that your cholesterol is too high.

2. Regular exercise. Getting regular exercise, ideally four times a week for 30-minutes is a great way to keep your overall health at optimal condition. Regular exercise has been found to lower your cholesterol. By exercising regularly you are able to heighten your good cholesterol, HDL, and lower your bad cholesterol, LDL. As well, by exercising regularly you will be able to lose weight at a faster rate and to keep your weight maintained once you have lost it. Although some forms of exercise are better than others just concentrate on any form of exercise to get you moving.

3. Foods that lower cholesterol are:

Whole grain cereals
Fruits, such as grapes, citrus fruits, strawberries, and apples
Nuts, such as walnuts and pecans
Meats that are lean
Fish and more

Higher than normal levels of cholesterol can cause a great deal of destruction on your body. It can cause health complications, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. If you have high cholesterol talk to your doctor about additional ways of lowering your cholesterol. By incorporating a few lifestyle changes in regards to weight, exercise, and dietary modifications you can be healthier sooner than you think. It takes work, patience, self-control and lots of ambition, but it can be done. You can bring your cholesterol levels to a healthy level by following these cholesterol natural remedies.



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