Create a Modern Christmas Angel from a Soda Can

An angel is a symbolic icon of the Christmas season.  The angel plays a big role in the whole story of Jesus’ birth.  Angels are also displayed even when the holiday season is over. 

In this tutorial, we will maximize the use of the empty soda cans and convert it into a usable holiday ornament.  You won’t spend a penny in this activity at all!  All you have to do is pick up and clean several empty soda cans and you are good to go!  Let us begin crafting this eco-friendly ornament now!

Gather all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • an empty soda can
  • copper wire
  • a piece of bottle cap
  • golden metallic thread
  • hot glue
  • a pair of scissors
  • diagonal cutting pliers

Step 1:  Remove the top and the bottom part of the soda can.  Cut a cone shape from the aluminum sheet of the soda can’s body.

Step 2:  Form the cone.  Do this by meeting the ends of the plane and gluing them together using hot glue.  This will serve as the body of the angel.

Step 3: Hot glue the bottle cap on the pointed part of the body.  This will be the angel’s head.

Step 4:  Cut the angel’s wings from the excess aluminum sheet of the soda can.  Make sure to cut two pieces of these.

Step 5: Hot glue the pair of wings just below the head of the angel.

Step 6: Form a small loop from the copper wire.  This should be proportional enough to the head of the angel since this will serve as the halo of the angel.  Cut the excess of the halo using diagonal cutting pliers.

Step 7:  Hot glue the halo at the back of the angel’s head.

Step 8:  Cut 6 to 8 centimeters of golden metallic thread and make a loop at the ends of it.  Hot glue this on the back of the angel’s halo.  This will serve as the hanging device of the ornament.

Step 9:  Finally done!  You can now hang your new modern Christmas angel ornament made from a piece of a soda can!

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This is a wonderful project that you can make for the environment while celebrating the holidays.  Personalize the angels based on your liking.  Be creative and share this project with your friends and family members.  Just be cautious in holding the bare  aluminum sheet from the soda can since it can be harmful when not properly handled specially for kids.  Make several of these and you won’t go buying another set of ornaments in the market again!  Hope you liked it!

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