Create an Adorable Christmas Owl Ornament

For many, the owl isn’t usually associated with Christmas. However, back in the 19th century many Christmas ornaments featured bird images including the owl. It is believed the owl’s intelligence and wisdom symbolized a Christmas wish.

In this tutorial, we will be making a Christmas ornament with an owl. Let us begin crafting this adorable ornament now!

 Prepare all materials needed in this tutorial:

  • craft felt (red, green, black, white and yellow)
  • ½ cm. in width metallic satin ribbon
  • a pair of scissors
  • hot glue

Step 1: Cut a semi-circle from the red crafting felt that can serve as the Christmas owl’s body.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of round white felt.  This will be the eyeballs of the owl.

Step 3:  Cut two smaller black circles from the crafting felt and place it in the middle of the white one.  Hot glue the smaller black felt to the bigger white felt.  This will make up the whole pair of the owl’s eyes.

Step 4:  Hot glue the eyes on the top edge of the owl’s body.  Create a small space in between the middle of the eyes.

Step 5: Cut a small pointed triangle from the yellow crafting felt.  Glue this in between the eyes of the own since this will serve as the nose of the owl.

Step 6: Cut two wings from the green crafting felt.  Glue it on the body just below the eyes.  The upper tip of the wings should be placed under the eyeballs of the owl.

Step 7: Cut two small owl feet from the black felt. 

Step 8:  Hot glue the feet on the bottom part of the body.

Step 9: Cut at least 5 to 6 centimeters of metallic ribbon and glue this on each of the owl’s eyes at the back.  This will be used to hang the ornament.

Step 10: Finally done!  You can now hang your adorable Christmas owl ornament under the Christmas tree!

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This Christmas owl ornament is a good addition to your typical Christmas ornaments.  This looks good in groups so you better make a lot of these.  This is can revamp the image of your Christmas tree and might give it a little twist this time around.  Have fun and happy holidays!

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