Create a Miniature Tabletop Christmas Tree

Do you want to enjoy a miniature Christmas tree on your dining room table or office deck?  Are you a fan of miniature decorations? If you said yes, this Christmas craft project is for you!

This is a simple Christmas craft project and best all of you can bring it with you during the Holiday season  So if you want to have your very own miniature Christmas, let’s begin!

Prepare all materials needed in this tutorial:

  • newspapers
  • white glue
  • acrylic paints (blue, red and yellow)
  • a piece of yellow pipe cleaner
  • hot glue
  • a pair of scissors
  • red and green glitters
  • ruler
  • paint brushes

Step 1: Fold the half of the spreadsheet crosswise until you have a thin folded sheet of newspaper.

Step 2:  Cut the folded sheet.  The width of this should be at least 2 to 2.5 centimeters.

Step 3:  Tightly roll the sheet.  Make sure that there are no gaps or spaces starting from the middle all the way to the outer part of the roll.

Step 4: Hot glue the ends of the roll.  You must have at least 13 rolls for this project.

Step 5:  Paint the rolls accordingly.  This will be the sequence of the rolls per color of paint:  1 green, 3 red, 4 blue and 5 yellow.

Step 6:  Let the paint dry for an hour. 

Step 7: Generously apply white glue on the tip or the side of the roll.

Step 8: Dip the glued side of the roll to a bottle of glitters.  The green and the red ratio of the glittered side should be equal per colored roll.

Step 9:  Let the glitters settle on the edge of the rolls for about an hour.

Step 10:  Tightly wring a piece of a newspaper.  This will be the base of the Christmas tree.

Step 11:  Wrap the newspaper around the bottle of the glitter or any other round object you have. This will make the diameter of the Christmas tree’s base.  Secure each layer of the turn with hot glue.  This will make the base stiff. 

Step 12:  Keep on wrapping the newspaper until you reach the desired height of the base.

Step 13:  Paint the Christmas tree’s base with brown paint.

Step 14: Glue two yellow rolls together.  Make sure that the glitter color of the two is contrasting.  Glue the green roll on the space in between the two yellow rolls.  The green roll will be the tip of the Christmas tree.

Step 15: After the two yellow layers, glue the next red layer. The colors of the glitter should be aligned in a diagonal fashion.  Glue the widest base of the Christmas tree which is the blue.  You should have a perfect triangle by now with an aligned color of the glitters.

Step 16:  Glue the next and last layer just below the blue one, the yellow rolls.  This will make the triangle look like a tree now. 

Step 17: Create a small star from the yellow pipe cleaner.  Glue the star on top of the Christmas tree or the part where the green roll is located.

Step 18:  Hot glue the base of the Christmas tree to the rolls.

Step 19:  Tada!  Finally done!  Your recycled miniature tabletop Christmas tree is now ready for display!

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Happy Holidays !

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