Ct Scan for Kidney Stones

Are you suffering from colicky pain? It is called as worst pain ever felt. You need to do the diagnosis. It may be the kidney stone. There are many ways for the diagnosis of kidney stone such as clinical diagnosis, Imaging, X-ray, IVP and retrograde pyelogram. One of the popular ways to detect is CT scan for kidney stone.

CT scan or CAT scan for kidney stone stands for Computed tomography. It is considered as the essential diagnostic test to detect kidney stones. It is a specialized X-Ray test. Now a day this technique of diagnosis of kidney stone is very popular among people.

Ct scan is the combination of X-ray and computer graphics that produces images that have elaborated cross-sectional areas, that define the horizontal and vertical aspects of the body. A CT gives detailed images of different body parts such as muscles, bones,organs and fat formations. Your kidney stone can not hide any more. It will get detected if it is there. CT scan also minimizes the exposure to radiation.

People suffering from allergies and kidney damage need not worry about the modern technology called CT scan. The reason behind such relaxation is that this setting does not require the use of intravenous contrast, which carries some risk in such people. Do not worry about ant damage of any part of body. It will not show any ill effects. You can say it is a gift of science to man. Your kidney stone diagnosis will be very easier with ct scan.

The accuracy and perfection of the detection of kidney stone by CT scan is remarkable. All things are scanned throughout. CT detects almost all types of kidney stones. Exceptions can be found in certain rare stones that are formed due to peculiar chemical residues found in urine. Sometime they are not caught in this procedure.

If you want to diagnosis very quick then you can use the CT-scan that works on the principle of renal-colic-study. Its a standard procedure that is followed in order to immediately diagnos the flank pain that typically occurs due to kidney stones. If the results are positive for stones,then the KUB of the abdominal region has to be done by taking a single standard x-ray.

This additional x-ray provides the physicians with a clearer idea of the exact size and shape of the stone. as well as they can detect its surgical orientation. In this way you can it becomes very simple for you to track the growth of the stone without using costly CT scan, just regularly undergoing single x-ray procedures in future. One CT scan is enough for the diagnosis.

The risk of ct scan for kidney stone is very minimum. The amount of radiation used is very low so as the risk of radiation exposure is also not considerable. Pregnant woman should consult her physician. Ct scan during pregnancy is not recommended some times.

Ct scan for kidney stone feels somewhat costly, but you will come across the perfect results. Use this technique for diagnosis. You will not regret on your decision.

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