Don’t forget to Eat

Life has become very busy for many people that it is work; work; work. It can be rushing from one meeting to the next without time to eat a proper meal during the day. You might be one of these people who are so busy, that they forget to eat during the day.

You might have eaten breakfast but by the evening you are starving if you haven’t eaten through the day. You will grab the nearest food at hand and start the evening of binging. You might have decided to cook a healthy meal, some nice chicken with lots of steamed vegetables, but your stomach can’t wait that long.

Soon it is a chocolate bar or two being eaten, and then you find the chips or candy. The evening gets going and food is going to be high on the agenda. You might add in a couple of alcoholic drinks while you wait for your dinner to be cooked. Soon you have consumed far more calories that you would have needed for the whole day.

You could on the other hand be someone who doesn’t cook. You have had a hard day at work and cooking an evening meal is the last thing on your mind. Instead you stop off at your local take-out place. A good Indian curry; a pizza; fish and chips; or a Chinese are the choices for tonight’s dinner. Again you might decide to have a number of drinks with your meal, and then during the evening as you relax you will consume more chocolate; chips; or popcorn. Before you know it you have had thousands more calories than you need to eat in a day.

What has happened is that you are trying to get rid of those hunger pangs and you will now eat and eat and eat. When you have finished you might well feel guilty for eating that amount of food in one sitting but you were so hungry you had to eat lots of food. If you had eaten during the day then you wouldn’t be in this position now. If you can control your eating during the day, then you are not going to need as much food in the evening. You won’t be eating food that will cause your body to have to work harder to digest it. And as your body works hard to digest the food it could keep you awake during the evening.

Make sure you eat regular meals during the day and not in one binge during the day or night. Make a decision if you want to lose weight that you will no longer forget to eat during the day. You will eat sensible meals during the day and in the evening.

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