Eat what you want

I want you to imagine a day free from dieting. Today is the day you can eat all you like, and whenever you want to eat.

You have no computer to check calories, no books to help you, how would you do? What I am asking is have you learnt anything about your eating habits since starting your diet.

I want you to devise yourself a menu of foods you want to eat. Please note: it is what you want to eat not what you think you should eat.

If you want fast food for each meal then fine, jot it down in your journal, remember be true to yourself. This diet works when you make the choices because you want to make them not because someone is telling you to do it.

The day will come when you have no computer to hand and maybe no healthy food around either. People will go and visit friends, or go on holiday, how will you cope?

The time to make those sorts of plans is before they happen. When they happen they don’t take you be surprise because you know enough to make good choices to keep fit and healthy even if the only food around you is fast food for one day. An odd day of eating a few too many calories will not hurt, it becomes when a problem when it becomes a habit.

What food do you have a problem with? It can only be one item of food because as we have seen we take it one step at a time. Once you have dealt with one piece of food, then you can return and tackle the next piece of food.

Make your write down what this food is and then tell someone (even if it is in your journal) every time you eat it. This exercise isn’t to stop you eating it, but firstly to realize how often you eat it, and then to control how much you eat of it.

If you are eating burgers three times a day, then you will know that is not good for you. If you look at your journal and see it then you will think, hey today I only ate one. That is a big achievement, and the week that you only ate 2 can you imagine how you will feel. See the self esteem rising, as you controlled this one food. The great thing is once you see yourself doing it for one food, then you can do it for all food.

There will be nothing to stop you moving on to eating healthily and to eat foods you really enjoy and love without any feeling of regret.


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