Eleven Year Old Children

Eleven year old children now have a lot more to be concerned with than just getting through school. Research has been carried out and found that eleven is a crucial age for overweight children. If they are overweight at this age then they will carry it into their adult lives.

These children are learning in school subjects that will see them through life, but they are also learning life skills of how to be obese and have many medical problems for the rest of their adult life. They will learn all about the yo-yo diet and the damage that can do to their health. Self esteem will plummet as they become more and more overweight until they are morbidly obese. Depression will be seen until they become so depressed they won’t want to go outdoors for fear of people seeing them. Fear will be another skill they will be learning. There are so many lessons these eleven year old will be taking into their adult lives.

They are not being taught the skills to live a healthy lifestyle. They are not being taught how to cook a basic healthy meal. As many parents don’t cook and live on fast food or microwave food, how do they expect their children to cook as adults? They have never experienced eating vegetables unless you count fries or chips as a vegetable. As far as a carrot; broccoli; cauliflower and many more they often have no idea what they are, never mind knowing what they taste like.

If you take a look at a family out together if the parents are obese then it is more than likely the children will be as well. These eleven years old will end up weighing more than their parents unless some action is taken soon.

Childhood obesity is on the increase and will continue unless something is done to stop it. Children of eleven have enough problems with the changes in their lives and school without the added pressure of obesity and bad health in the future. It is every adult’s responsibility to take on the task of starting to educate these eleven year old and see them not get into a cycle of gaining weight, and then having to lose it. Then find they have gained more weight and need to have to work harder to lose that weight until one day they stop trying because it is too hard.

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