Exercises Anyone Can do

You know you should exercise. Research has proven the beneficial effects on our health. Doctors recommend it and it is a multibillion dollar industry. And yet, with a busy lifestyle and schedule, an exercise program slips through the cracks every day and every year. When it comes time for another New Year’s resolution exercise programs make it to the top of the list and fall off before the end of the month.

But, you do not have to be strained by your work schedule, your home life or any other factor which you believe somehow stops you from exercising. There are actually exercises you can do while making dinner, driving to work or waiting for your son after baseball practice. In fact, there are exercises that everyone can do, whether you are able bodied or disabled, interested in losing a couple pounds or improving your cardio vascular health, or just because you know it’s the best thing for your health.

Many times we find ourselves seated throughout the day whether we are driving to work or sitting through a long meeting at work. Here are a couple of things to do in your chair or while you are behind your computer in order to strengthen your muscles and keep yourself flexible. Work your abdominal muscles by sitting with your back straight and then rotating your hips backward and curling your stomach and then rotate your hips forward using your abdominal muscles. You can repeat this exercise eight to 12 times and do a set in the morning and is set in the evening.

You can help to improve the strength in your upper arms by using your own body weight as resistance. Extend one hand in front of you with the palm up and place your other hand on the wrist of your outstretched arm. While pressing down with the top hand attempt to raise your bottom hand towards the ceiling. This places stress on the upper arm and helps to build strength in your shoulders.

Standing in the kitchen, waiting for dinner to cook, grab a couple of soup cans or canned tomatoes and start some weight training. Extend your arms in front of you and slowly lower them to your sides, repeating eight to 12 times. You can also use cans of beans for overhead press or arm curls.

Use the countertops to help do squats to improve the strength in your quadriceps. Use the countertops for balancing to do toe raises to help improve the strength in your ankles and calves. Use the countertops and door frames in the kitchen while cooking to stretch your quadriceps and hamstrings.

The idea behind exercise is to get up and move as much as possible. You can accomplish this by parking away from the front of the building at work, the bank, the dry cleaners and the mall. Be sure to park in an area that’s well lit and safe. You can also limit the number of e-mails you send at work and instead get up and chat with your coworkers about your concerns instead of using the telephone or the computer. Take the steps instead of the elevator and walk to lunch instead of using your car.

Keep a squeeze ball in the car and use it at each of the traffic lights. You can improve your hand strength and forearm strength.

It’s also important to exercise your back to keep your posture straight. By strengthening your back muscles and shoulders your posture will not contribute to pain in your upper back. Sitting in your chair and keeping your feet flat to the floor, push your chin back as far as possible. Feel a slight stretching your upper back. Also while sitting in a chair with your feet flat to the floor roll your shoulders and a forward circular motion five to 10 times and then reversed its five to 10 times. You can repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times each and every day throughout the day. Done in the office this helps to improve blood circulation, stretch your upper body and helps you focus for greater length of time.

If you have an extra five minutes before going to bed do 2 sets of 30 crunches or jumping jacks. Get an exercise ball and sit and balance while watching the news in the evening or your favorite television show.

As you can see, while it may be challenging to find ways to exercise during the day, there are definitely ways that you can incorporate an exercise routine that build strength, muscle and burns calories without blocking out an extra 90 minutes from your schedule.

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