Fast Food Diet

You have gained weight and now you have decided enough is enough. It is time to take control back of you eating habits, but the big question is where do you start? If you didn’t have the knowledge about what foods to eat before it is possible you are still without the knowledge of what foods to eat now.

Have you considered that many people eat a fast food diet? They are seen in Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, Dominoes and many other such like companies. Their diets consist solely of foods from these companies and then they wonder about different illnesses they have plus the fact they are obese. How good are all these fast foods? Once in awhile they are not a problem but when they become the sole source of food then problems hit. The same is true of any pre-prepared meals. Some are better than others but the amount in them is often very small leaving the person feeling hungry and because of that hunger they then have to snack and the snack often leads to bingeing.

How many times have you had fast food and then find yourself hungry in a short period of time? One of the main reasons is that it takes the brain 20 mins to know it has had food. But most people can eat their meal in less than this time so the brain is saying “feed me!”

Many people have lost the art of cooking. Now for some they have never learnt the art and they need someone to teach them. For others they have a busy lifestyle and feel they don’t have time to cook a meal. Many children are growing up never having tasted real food. They know what pizza or burgers are like but to have a roast dinner and real fresh vegetables they have no idea what they taste like and they won’t be able to cook a meal for themselves when they leave home.

Do we have less time to cook than our forefathers? The answer is no. We work long hours but so did they. But we have every convenience in our homes which they didn’t have. They worked long and hard and yet were still able to cook dinner each night. They had to because the fast food chains didn’t exist then. We can try and justify what we do but our bodies are telling a different story. Too many have heart problems, diabetics, obesity and many, many more. Many try to eat less but end up gaining weight. They wonder why, because the body needs a certain amount of fuel to keep it going, but if we try and run it on empty then it will have to find fuel from somewhere else. The result is the body thinks it is in starvation mode and will then turn what we eat into fat so it has fuel once again.

Try running a car on empty and you will see it won’t get very far. Also try running a large car on the same amount of fuel as a small car, and then see which car can go the furthest. The small car will go further because it takes less fuel to run. The same is true with our bodies, the heavier we are the more fuel we need to run it, as we lose weight so the fuel needed is decreased and we can cut down again on what we eat.

But have you thought about going onto a healthy fast food diet? What could that include? Think about it for a moment. What is fast food? What does it achieve?

Fast food gives you food rapidly, it achieve you not being hungry for the moment.

The best fast food around is anything that takes no time to prepare. That doesn’t mean going to the stores and buying the biggest cake around and seeing that as fast food, because a cake will take time to prepare even if you didn’t do the preparation.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are one of the best fast foods around. Take raw vegetables and munch on them during the day. Eat an apple or two. Try new exotic vegetables and fruit. Add more and more of them into your eating each day. Think before you eat, and see what is going to be healthy for you.

In China people eat fruits that are in season, and April is the start of the pineapple and melon season. You can see these fruits being sold on every street corner. Take a pineapple for example, you go to buy one and they will peel it and remove the eyes from it. Then they cut it in half down the core, the core being so tender you can eat it. They place it on a stick and you have a pineapple lollipop to eat minus anything added. It takes them a few seconds to do. The melon they cut into cubes and put into a sundae dish and give you a little fork to eat it with. Again seconds to do and yet so refreshing.

Start your education today and think differently about fast foods, make a list of your own fast foods that can help you in your goals for losing weight.


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