Feeding your motivation

Motivation plays a huge role in your success in anything you attempt. If you want to lose weight, take your workouts to the next level, or get a promotion you must find and feed your motivation.

Motivation will help maintain your focus when you hit those bumps in the road that we all hit. You may get sick while training, may spend a couple of weeks at a plateau as you are losing weight or your competition may get the first promotion. Whatever the bump in the road, they will happen. It’s just the way the world works.

So what is it that successful people do to continue feeding your motivation. There are several factors that are important to continue your quest for success.

First you can create a mantra, or something that you can say aloud and print on paper to look at each day. Believe it or not, you become what you believe you will become. Some people think that mantras are religious but they can be as simple as “I am a calm person” or “I am in control”. The only requirement is that it works in your situation.

Next understand that you need focus. Many people, especially women, are great at multi-tasking. This can work for you or against you. In the case of feeding your motivation it will work against you. Work on focusing on the moment in time that you are living. If you are finishing one project, don’t think about the next one, or dinner or your boss.

Find your quiet place. The world if full of noise, confusion and fast paced people looking for the next great answer. You have to slow down and find your quiet space. There has to be a time you find to recharge your own batteries or you won’t be able to continue to work.

Organization is key. You may have a disorganized nature but it won’t be in your best interest to continue this habit when you are striving for success. If you can’t be organized then find help to get you organized. The space around you is a good indicator of what is happening inside of you. If your space is cluttered it’s a fair bet that your mind is also.

All of this focus and strategizing feeding your motivation can sometimes keep you focused inward. People who are successful are also able to recognize the world around them and focus outward. Focus outward to really see the problems and personal matters of others. It is not necessary to commit hours of your time but it is important to help others such as working at a blood drive or food drive, gather blankets for the local shelter or animal shelter.

And don’t forget yourself. In all of the movement toward your success don’t forget about taking care of yourself. While you are focusing on the moment with your significant other or children also remember to find time to focus on yourself. This may be harder that you anticipate since we don’t seem to be wired to take care of ourselves first. And when you are focused on feeding your motivation taking care of yourself may take a back seat. It can’t. Without self-preservation and recharging your own batteries you won’t be feeding your motivation – just killing it.

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