Fiber Rich Foods For Reducing Inflammation

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When we suffer inflammation, it is important to adjust our diets to help fight it. While it can be easy to go and take an anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-inflammatory medications take away all our inflammation and some inflammation is necessary to help us heal.

Inflammation draws blood to injuries, activates white blood cells, and warms the area up to kill pathogens. Diet, on the other hand, controls inflammation, getting rid of inflammation that is painful or difficult to manage, but leaving us with just enough to make sure our injuries heal well.

Fiber plays a very important role in fighting unnecessary inflammation. How? Well, a lot of unnecessary inflammation actually starts in the gut. When we eat badly, or eat foods we have an allergy or intolerance too, our gut bacteria suffers.

Fiber Fact: Did you know dried blueberries are one of nature’s top sources of naturally occurring fiber. Each serving, 1/4 cup, of dried blueberries delivers a whopping 12 grams of fiber. While the fresh blueberries deliver only three to four grams of fiber per serving. Simply adding a daily serving to your diet will satisfy nearly half of your daily fiber requirement.

Good bacteria dies, and bad bacteria and yeasts breed out of control. These bad bacteria cause swelling, the release of histamines, and cravings for sugars, all of which cause even more inflammation.

If we feed our good bacteria with plenty of fiber and cooked starches, we can help them to fight bad bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Most Americans do not eat even the bare minimum amount of fiber. This is because our diets are not conductive towards it. Almost all the starches we eat are heavily processed white starches, stripped of their vitamins and fiber. And we barely eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

Some of the most popular plant-based crazes, like smoothies and juicing, actively strip fiber out of our food! So we need to work hard to increase the amount we eat. It may seem difficult at first, but getting enough fiber is shockingly easy.

To eat more fiber, the first step is to make fiber rich swaps. Many of our modern foods are just low fiber equivalents to full, whole, healthy foods! Begin with your cereals. Swap breads, breakfast cereals, pastas, etc, for whole grain versions.

Try having oats or homemade rice pudding for breakfast instead of processed sugary cereals. Add a handful of nuts, and another of dried berries. Both nuts and berries have more fiber than most sweet toppings added to cereals, and they taste delicious.

Swap our your plain water for a glass of tart cherry juice. While their isn’t much fiber is a cherry juice, it does help to reduce inflammation naturally.

Another option is to add fiber to your diet by eating fiber rich foods. Instead of having whole grain bread, add a banana to your peanut butter sandwich. Have a side salad with every meal, making sure to load it with greens and freshly chopped vegetables.


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Have your meals with a cup of beans or rice on the side. Have baked beans, an old English staple, alongside your bacon and eggs for breakfast. It can be very easy to add a cupful or two of high fiber foods to your daily diet. This approach sometimes increases calories, though, so you may find you need smaller portions. Or you can focus on greens, which pack a load of fiber for very few extra calories.

If you are really struggling to add fiber, consider a fiber supplement. This is a sort of packaged fiber which you mix into a glass of water and drink. There are also fiber pills, but they have so little fiber, it isn’t really much use to have them.

Have your fiber drink, plus a probiotic pill, every morning before breakfast. This should add the necessary fiber to help your gut regain its health.

And always remember to talk to your doctor about any difficulties you experience, or any changes that take place in your body. If your gut health has been bad for a while, you could have more serious problems than just inflammation.

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