Fitness Training

Today’s world is fast paced and full of immediate gratification. We want and demand fast food, immediate results, cable Internet connections and instant results from our workouts. And, while fitness training doesn’t have immediate benefits using incorporating a routine will get us on the right track and keep us moving in the right direction.

There are plenty of benefits to using fitness training in your daily routine. You have an increased level of energy, you increase your metabolism, improve your circulation, and decrease your risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Fitness training will improve your flexibility and your concentration. The benefits go beyond increased fitness and a trim body – they spill over into your work life, your family life and improved sense of well-being.

Before starting a fitness training program you should always consult with your primary healthcare provider. Be sure to mention the type of program you are planning so the healthcare provider can determine if there are contraindications because of any medical conditions or medications you might be taking.

Fitness training isn’t just for Mr. Universe but it is for any and all clients from those who want to perform daily activities without becoming out of breath or tiring easily to those who desire to run the Thanksgiving 10K turkey trot.

There are fitness training programs that are designed for clients who have had a stroke or heart attack, are bound to a wheelchair, are blind, have arthritis, use a cane or are from age 10 to 100. In other words, there are fitness training programs for just about anyone.

Before starting a program write down your goals. Figure out goals that are within your reach but still require you to stretch yourself. Don’t make them too easy but if they are too far out of reach you may stop the program before you get too far. After you’ve set your long-term goal set several smaller ones that are within reach in a couple of weeks. By achieving your goals you’ll maintain your motivation and have a better rate of success.

Some people want to improve their muscle tone, improve their health, lose weight or make a positive impact on their medical condition. What ever your goals write them down and make them measurable.

Your program will probably not show immediate results but be patient. All activity will eventually show results. The speed of the program will be determined by the intensity of the exercise. The goal is to maintain your motivation. Positive reinforcement and support will maintain your motivation to continue working. Positive reinforcement will come from seeing an improvement toward your goals.

Fitness programs are the mainstay of a solid health program leading to a longer and healthier life. You’ll enjoy decreased blood pressure and cholesterol, a stronger healthier heart and an increased energy level that even your family can appreciate.






















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