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Weight loss is a common topic of conversation. The standard Western diet has introduced high amounts of fat, oils, sugar and processed foods that have led to a weight problem that affects most countries. Weight loss through fitness and a balanced diet is an option that is more palatable than only decreasing calorie intake.

Using fitness to achieve weight loss can take many forms. The objective is to keep moving for at least 10 minutes working up to 45 minutes as your schedule allows. These programs can include, but are not limited to, walking, running, swimming, rowing, tennis, aerobic and golf (without the golf cart!).

Continued movement will give you health benefits that include fitness, weight loss, increased energy, decreased cholesterol and blood pressure as well as improving your core muscle strength. Each of these factors are important to feeling good every day and decreasing your risk for illness.

As with any weight loss program you should always check with your primary healthcare provider before beginning. Your physician will consider your current medical conditions, medications and your present physical condition. The potential for more harm than good comes when you approach a fitness program without consideration for your current conditions when another fitness option may be better for you.

There are specific muscles that should be strengthened in a program and the core muscles should always be included. Most programs focus on the muscles that are important to the particular exercise but ignoring core muscle strength can cause long term back problems.

Hard abdominal muscles are not only sexy but they serve a specific function to your health. These muscles are located between your pelvis and your ribs and are in charge of giving you full range of movement to your upper body and to keep your internal organs in place and protected. With weak abdominal muscles you are set up for injury and make it less likely that you will achieve your goals.

A study from the American University of St Louis found that although diet and exercise help with weight loss, people who do not exercise also lose muscle. Fitness programs are a likely choice to keep your health, muscles and lose that weight.

Fitness programs are more successful when the client has the support of the people around them. Recent studies have also shown that people who diet or exercise with a partner or a group will tend to be more successful at any program and in keeping it off than those who try to go it alone.

Research backs up the current popular standard that fitness weight loss is the most successful way to lose weight, keep it off and improve your health. There are an amazing number of fitness weight loss programs that you can work through. The choice is really yours. You chose health!


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