Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

Who doesn’t love food, right?  Being able to consume whatever you like for most people is just a common way of life.  There are foods in which you are going to want to avoid if you have certain medical conditions, such as arthritis. 

You probably wouldn’t think that by avoiding certain foods, your joints would thank-you, but they will.  You cannot eat certain foods if you have arthritis because by having an inflamed joint, there will be specific foods that will make your condition quite worse. 

Today, we are actually going to be taking a quick look into some of the foods to avoid if you suffer with arthritis.

Avoiding Gluten & Wheat

Gluten, as well wheat will actually produce an inflammatory response throughout a person’s body, so it would be best to stay away from gluten and wheat. 

It can most definitely be hard, I know.  There are so many foods which contain gluten and wheat and not only that, but they are quite good, so I do know the struggle can be difficult. 

There have been many case studies conducted which proved that a leaky gut has been linked to various forms of joint pain.  What does all this do?  Well, by having a leaky gut, this will allow toxins, as well waste to enter into a person’s bloodstream by the intestines. 

Keep in mind that these harmful byproducts will initially be seen as a threat to the body.  You body will then pledge an immune response.  This immune response is what initially leads to inflammation, which sometimes will target areas around a person’s joints. (1)

Avoiding Corn Oil

Did you know that corn oil has a very high dose of Omgea-6 fatty acids?  It sure does and what Omega-6 fatty acids can do is make a person’s inflammation worsen and if you suffer with arthritis, so it would be best if you could avoid consuming corn oil.  Why would you want your inflammation to worsen? 

It’s so vital that you know which foods you should consume because in the long run, you could be harming yourself out of innocence.  Keep in mind that corn oil shouldn’t be the only oil that you need to avoid if you suffer from arthritis. 

Make sure you stay away from grape seed, canola, cottonseed, safflower, soybean, rice brain, as well sunflower oil should all be avoided. (2)

Avoiding Processed & Fried Foods

As good as they are and we all know that they are, you should absolutely stay away from fried, as well processed foods.  You’re probably wondering what on Earth is there to eat if a person cannot have fried and processed foods?

You should absolutely avoid these foods because once again, these types of foods can cause the swelling and inflammation to worsen in your afflicted joints and muscles. (3)

Avoiding Salt & Preservatives

Once again, who in their right mind doesn’t like salt, right?  Using salt for many people is just a common way of eating and there’s no other way to put it. 

Did you know that by in taking too much salt could absolutely make your joints swell up worse when you suffer with arthritis?  Now, this doesn’t mean that you must take salt out of your diet all together, which sounds horrible, doesn’t it? 

Just keep in mind that if you add too much salt to your food, this could very well cause your inflammation to worsen, as well the swelling around your joints and overall pain throughout your body. If you looking for a more natural drink to enjoy without all of the preservatives, check out cherry juice. Not only is it 100% natural, but it helps to reduce inflammation naturally. (4)

Avoiding Refined Carbohydrates

This involves mainly white flour items, such as white rice, white potatoes, as well most cereals will have refined carbohydrates in them and if you are one to suffer with arthritis, then you will absolutely want to avoid anything with refined carbohydrates in them because it will definitely make joint inflammation worse. 

These types of foods are quite bad for everyone because they could increase the risk of developing diabetes, as well obesity and did you know that obesity is among the chief cause of arthritis?  Just make sure that you are always reading your labels and stay away from foods that are white, like white rice and potatoes.  Anything that has refined carbohydrates in them, stay away even if you don’t suffer from arthritis.  Nothing good can come from these types of foods.  (5)

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