Foot Stretches for Arthritis

Arthritis affects countless people worldwide. While research in ongoing, those suffering from arthritis are searching for everyday remedies to help manage this painful disease.

In the article, you will learn at some foot stretches specifically created for arthritis sufferers.

Performing A Calf Stretch (Knees Straight)

This is a wonderful exercise for people that suffer with arthritis because this type of stretch literally stretches out the calf muscle, as well aiding strength into the foot.  However, before you get started with any exercise routine, you should always check with your doctor or healthcare provider. So let’s get started.

In order to perform this type of stretch, you will need to get some type of stepping block or book to stand on and place it against the wall of your home. 

Now, when that is complete, you will then need to step upon the stepping block with only the tips of your toes and always make sure that you brace yourself up against a wall or chair. 

Whenever you have your stance, what you will then need to do is lift up and down with the front of your feet.  You will need to keep doing this over and over until you feel a slight burn and stretching in the legs. 

This will also help your feet to maintain proper strength as your legs grow stronger.  This will definitely help your arthritis because the more you move and the stronger your muscles will become, the less inflammation and pain you will endure of arthritic pain and discomfort.

Performing A Great Toe Extension Stretch

Now, this particular type of stretch has to do mainly with a person’s toes.  All that you will need to do when performing this type of stretch is to first, sit down in a chair or couch.  Make sure that wherever you are sitting, you are highly comfortable. 

Now, once you are seated, you will need to remove your shoes and grab the heel of your foot with one hand and with your other hand, pull on the backs of your big toe.  You don’t have to do this until you hear a pop, just listen to your body and you’ll know when enough is truly enough.  You will want to repeat this type of stretch no more than five times. 

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By performing the great toe extension stretch, you are training your muscles to remain stronger and this will help the actual posture of your stand, walk, and run.  The key factor when you have arthritis is to always remember to stretch and exercise, keep yourself moving all the times to try and get that inflammation down so it will not be such a bother to you all the time.

Performing the Ankle Alphabet

This can be quite the fun exercise for people who are a little more on the creative side of life.  When a person performs the ankle alphabet, the first thing that he or she will need to do is first sit down in a comfortable chair or couch.  Make sure that your feet are touching the floor, all the way down too.  It would be better to do this stretch with your shoes off as well. 

All right, now that you have your shoes off, what you will need to do next is trace all the letters of the alphabet with your toes on the floor.  You may not believe this, but this specific foot stretch is one of the best foot stretches for arthritis because it not only stretches the muscles and joints in a person’s foot, but it extends up the leg for a great leg workout as well. 

Once again, by doing this stretch, you will find that your pain, stiffness, inflammation, as well the swelling in your feet and legs will go down after a few weeks from this type of stretching.    

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