Get fit today

Are you overweight, obese or morbidly obese? Many people who have a problem with their weight will go on a diet trying to lose the weight, but not give any consideration to getting fit. People try all types of diets without taking any form of exercise and wonder why they never lose any weight, or become healthy. Today is the time to start to get fit.

Regardless of how heavy you might be there are always ways for you to exercise. You might not be able to walk a mile, but you can start to walk even if it is only a couple of paces. Anything is better than nothing. Talk to your doctor and tell them how serious you are about getting fit.

Your doctor will give you guidance as to what type of exercise is suitable for you. They will also give you some advice about the diet you should eat, but rather than get yourself caught up with more dieting, learn how to get fit. Make this the important decision you can make regarding your health.

If you make a pledge to start an exercise plan and stick with it for 12 weeks you will see improvement in your health. If you make some changes to your diet, this will also help your health. The goal isn’t to be suddenly perfect weight, but to make lifelong changes to everything you do in terms of your health. If you look to do 4 hours exercise a week and try and eat when hungry, your cholesterol levels will drop. Your blood pressure will also improve. There will be noticeable differences in your health in this short a time.

Today is the day to make the changes. Start slowly and daily increase what you can do. Even if this week you can’t do 4 hours of exercise then do what you can, and increase until you can do the 4 hours in the week. It is time to get fit today, because tomorrow will never come.

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