Getting an Acne Facial

Acne is a condition that affects thousands of people every year. The causes are varied and there is no concrete evidence of one or two factors which predict outbreaks. Some researchers believe that acne facials are one way to treat acne and also to prevent it. This is because the facials address some of the identified contributing factors, such as increased skin oils and large pores which are clogged by dirt or make up. (1)

Acne facials can be performed either in a spa or at home. If you choose to have your acting facial done at a spa then do your research first. Be sure to get references from friends or relatives, ask questions from your dermatologist or doctor and determine the type of technology that the center will use as a part of the research you do before going to the spa.

Unfortunately, acne is not limited to the teenage years. Some individuals find that it becomes more of a problem the older they get, while others find that it becomes a significant problem during times of their lives when their hormonal balances change, such as pregnancy or menopause. Along with desiring a more youthful appearance, sufferers now have the emotional stress of dealing with an emotional and visual problem.

The goal of an acne facial is to cleanse the skin of bacteria and oils, rehydrate the skin and minimize blemishes and blotches that are caused by outbreaks. These facials will also remove the outer dead layer of skin and environmental pollutants that settle on the skin during the daytime.

There are three distinctive parts to an acne facial. The first part is the cleaning portion. During this phase the cleansers used will help to remove environmental pollutants, bacteria and oils from the skin. The next phase is the steaming massage. The goal is to increase the blood flow through the skin to help rid the skin of toxins, relax facial muscles and soften whiteheads and blackheads. This helps the pimples to be removed more easily later on.

The final stage in an acne facial is a mask that helps to remove dead skin cells and rehydration of the face. This mask will also help to tone and clarify the skin and is especially effective in treatment of dry skin that is affected by acne.

Using an acne facial is best for people in their mid-to late 20s. Younger than this and the skin is too sensitive to withstands the cleaning routine. There are better methods of treatment and cleaning skin that suffers from acne blemishes if younger than 20. Also, do not forget to get the opinion of your dermatologist or primary care physician when considering an acne facial. They can help you consider your skin type, oil level, skin sensitivity and factor in your age before recommending product that is best for your face.

Skincare and acne treatments are a personal journey. No two people will react the same or have the same results to skincare products. Because of this, you should be careful when choosing your facial products and calendar your results in order to ensure that the next time you use a product you have an increased risk of success.

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