Got Arthritis Pain…Drink Tart Cherry Juice

Tart Cherry JuiceTart Cherry Juice from Traverse Bay Farms

Brenda Swanson loves the fact she can take a morning walk with her granddaughter. She especially enjoys hearing all of the stories her granddaughter tells her during their walk.

You see, just a few weeks prior, Brenda starting drinking tart cherry juice every morning. “I have been drinking a glass of cherry juice every day for the past six weeks and all I can say is I can now walk again without the arthritis pain in my knees.”

At the local farmers market, where she volunteers, Brenda noticed a lot of people buyer tart cherry juice in the glass bottles for their joint pain. After asking the owner why so many people where buying the juice, he told her it stops arthritis pain. Now, Brenda enjoys pain-free days.

But does cherry juice really work? It is a simply a folk remedy or a natural arthritis cure? While a definitive answer to those questions is still up on the air, food scientists have been studying the pain relieving benefits of this ruby-red fruit for over 10 years. These dedicated individuals have begun to figure out why tart cherry juice works so well for those suffering from arthritis pain.

According to published research, the secret to this tasty fruit juice drink at the naturally occurring phytochemicals that give the tart cherry is bright red color. These compounds are called anthocyanins and provide the natural coloring of all fruits in natural. To date over 350 different classes of anthocyanins have been discovered it is the unique makeup of those in the tart cherry that make is such an effective pain killer.

Lead cherry researcher at Michigan State University, Dr. Muraledharan Naire has published peer reviewed reports that show the tart cherry have 10 times the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin without irritating the stomach. These means that people eating just 20 fresh cherries per day could realize the pain relief benefits naturally.

In addition to Dr. Naire’s research, a study conducted on 20 female volunteers at the University of California Davis resulted in the participants of the study having lower uric levels in their blood. Uric acid levels in the blood is a precursor to the formation of uric acid crystals that form between the joints and can cause extreme pain. So not only does the tart cherry offer arthritis pain relief, but also helps with stopping gout pain.

However, for many pain suffers, it can be frustrating to find fresh cherries year round since they are only available for a few short weeks during the summer harvest. Thus, many have turned to year solutions to getting the pain relieving properties of the tart cherries. I’ve included several year round cherry solutions that are easy to find:

Fresh Cherries:
During the July harvest season, you can find fresh cherries in the produce section of your local grocery store. In addition, Fox Farms can deliver fresh cherries to your door during the last two weeks of July.

Cherry Juice:
It takes 80 cherries to make a single ounce of cherry juice concentrate, so this is a super charged way to get the arthritis fighting ability of the cherry. A reliable source for the cherry juice is Traverse Bay Farms. All of the Traverse Bay Farms cherry juice is bottled in glass bottles.

Cherry Capsules:
Finally, if you are looking to get the entire cherry, the skin, the pulp and the juice of the fruit try the cherry capsules. They contain the entire cherry except the pit and the stem. Each daily serving delivers the antioxidants of 5 glasses of cherry juice. Check out Fruit Advantage Cherry Capsules.

So the next time you are looking for a natural relief for arthritis try cherry juice and see how good you feel.

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