Healthy Eating Plan

You have made the decision to start to eat from a healthy eating plan. As you take a look at your normal eating habits and also your weight you discover you need to lose some pounds. It might be that you have discovered you need to lose many pounds and the mountain ahead looks enormous.

You are now faced with a decision and how you respond now can make the difference to you losing weight or gaining weight. Most overweight people don’t tend to stay at the same weight. You are faced with the reality of how much weight you need to lose, and you know that it will take a long time to achieve especially if you decide to go the healthy route of a couple of pounds a week.

Now you will hear all the negative arguments going on in your head.

* “I will never get there.”
* “It’s too much to lose.”
* “It will take too long.”
* “I always fail when I try to lose weight.”
* “I always comfort eat.”

This is the choice you have to make whether you believe the negative or if you will chose to listen to the positive.

* “I will get there.”
* “I will take it one step at a time.”
* “I don’t mind how long it takes.”
* “I will not fail this time.”
* “I will no longer eat for comfort.”

You might have failed in the past, but that doesn’t make you a failure. You can prove everyone wrong by not giving up and keeping to a healthy eating plan. You can prove to yourself and everyone else that you are a winner. Find a healthy eating plan and then ensure you stick with it. Keep the unhealthy foods to the minimum and see the weight drop as you embark on this new healthy diet.



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