Healthy eating to prevent fatigue

In today’s fast-paced world many of us suffer from fatigue. Fatigue from being over-extended between family, work and children responsibilities. Fatigue from lack of rest, poor diet and poor sleeping habits. And fatigue from just being too tired.

People should look to healthy eating habits to prevent fatigue because we really are what we eat. Our bodies use the nutrition we provide it to build cells and produce energy. If the nutrition is a twinkie and a soda then the energy we produce will be substandard.

If you are searching for healthy eating habits to prevent fatigue then you must avoid the foods that give you an initial boost of energy but then leave you flat on your face. These foods include most that are high in sugar such as cookies, candy, soda, fruit drinks, and other foods with caffeine such as chocolate and coffee. These are an effective short-term solution to a long-term problem. Work on getting rid of them slowly so you will have a better feeling for your more natural energy.

There are other foods that cause an immediate problem instead of a boost and then fall in your energy levels. These foods include carbohydrates that will cause you to be drowsy because of the altered level of serotonin in your brain. They may be good before bedtime snacks but not to treat the mid-day slump.

Now let’s focus on what you should do instead of what you shouldn’t do to prevent fatigue. One trick to help prevent the afternoon nap is to eat pure protein at lunch. Protein will be broken down in digestion into amino-acid building blocks that increase the production of chemicals, which will increase your level of alertness and energy.

For instance your lunch might be broiled fish and a few vegetables or a hard boiled egg and tuna. You can include a few carbohydrates later in the day when you are past the 2-4 o’clock slump in the mid-afternoon.

Healthy eating also includes getting enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals that support your body’s function. One of those is iron. Many women don’t get enough iron and loose it each month with their period. Unless it’s replaced you can suffer from iron deficiency anemia, which leads to chronic fatigue.

Many people swear by a natural herb boost each day. In the mid-afternoon a tea from ginseng and ginkgo biloba may be just what you need. It may seem counter-intuitive but exercise will actually increase the amount of energy you have each day. Getting 30 minutes of exercise during lunchtime will help to boost your metabolism and keep your engines running for the afternoon.

Consider taking that mid-afternoon nap! Scientists have found that a 15-20 minute nap can actually increase your energy throughout the rest of the afternoon. In the beginning you may feel drowsy when you first awaken but within a short amount of time you’ll find that you can fall asleep quickly and awaken refreshed and ready to go.

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