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Home fitness gyms are becoming more and more popular as they become more affordable. People recognize the need for fitness programs to improve their health and wellness. Research shows the benefits of exercise to improve your health includes decreased cholesterol and blood pressure, improved energy levels, improved sense of well-being and a decreased risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Home fitness gyms fit into that equation because they are convenient, time efficient and they are private. Many people who are starting a new program feel self-conscious at the gym where everyone is watching everyone else. There is the added benefit of the personal trainers that are usually at a gym but for many the cost of lost privacy and decreased convenience outweighs the benefit of a trainer. Personal trainers can also be consulted for a short term to develop a program that you execute at home.

Home fitness gyms are also convenient because you are not dependent upon the hours of a gym. You can get up early and work out before going to work while still showering at home.

When you are choosing the equipment for your home gym look for a device that is designed for multiple functions. The home gym should also be safe, reliable and within your price range. These gyms don’t need to be expensive to have an extensive range of movement. As technology advances the gyms are becoming more affordable while providing more variability.

Prior to 1980 equipment manufacturers reported only a minor number of sales to the home market. But today approximately 35 percent of all sales are made for use in the home. Studies also show that women who work out at home get better results than those who travel to the gym. Other studies have also shown that exercises that incorporate the use of our own body weight are safer and more effective.

When you are in the market for a home gym also be sure to evaluate the space in which you plan to keep, use and store the equipment. Many of the new exercise pieces don’t take up much floor space or are able to be folded and stored efficiently. Sometimes there is a trade off when you are evaluating a home gym that folds efficiently and one that is more bulky. Often the gyms that use your own body weight are stored easily in a closet or under the bed making working out in your home even more attractive.

There is a home gym on the market to fit just about anyone’s needs. Gyms can be adapted for those who have disabilities; others are better suited to those who want an intense workout consistently and still others may meet the price range, availability and customer service needs of the client. Whatever your choice you should make an attempt to try the home gym at the store or do extensive research to read reviews of real people who have actually used the product.

Home gyms are a real benefit to people who have a desire to improve their health but at the same time want the convenience and privacy of working out in their own home. As sales increase and technology advances the possibilities for home fitness gyms expand each year. Home or at the gym? The choice is yours.

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