Home Remedies for Arthritis

Home remedies are great for a lot of things in life, including easing the pains of arthritis.  Currently, arthritis is a condition which cannot be cured and with advances in medical technology, that may not always be the case. However, until that day arrives, many individuals living with arthritis are looking for natural home remedies to ease the pain.  

Home remedies are an excellent option for those who may not be able to afford prescription medication, or just like to try out new natural ways of dealing with their arthritis. 

In this post, you will learn some of the best home remedies that may help arthritis?  Today, we are going to be taking a quick and interesting look into some of those home remedies to help ease the pain of arthritis!

Drinking Tart Cherry Juice

According to published research, tart cherry juice helps to reduce inflammation with those suffering from osteoarthritis. In 2012, a study using cherry juice was conducted on 12 women suffering from osteoarthritis.

For 21 days, the participants twice daily drank either a glass of cherry juice or a placebo. During the study period, blood samples where taken and compared to the baseline numbers. Those drinking the cherry juice daily enjoyed less pain and inflammation as well as lower inflammatory biomarkers.

Making Your Own Heating Pad

This is very popular with a lot of people because they get to choose how hot or warm their pad gets.  By making your own heat pad, you will know that you can turn to it at all times and even take it with you in the car if you like! 

How can one really make their own home heating pad?  Well, all that a person needs to do is take one or more washcloths or one single bath towel, get it wet with warm or hot water and ring it out as tightly as you possibly can. 

Now, after you do this, what you will need to do next is place the towels in a zip lock baggie and place that into your microwave, which does sound dangerous to a lot of people, but it will not hurt anything to do this.  You will need to leave the microwave on for no more than two minutes and you will then have an at home, heating pad for yourself!

Adding Ginger to You Teas

This is a perfect way to aid with the pains of arthritis because it’s a known fact that ginger root brewed in tea will assist with the swelling, as well the pains which are caused by inflammation of the joint.  It would be best if you could drink at least two cups per day of this kind of tea.  It’s important that you let brew, the tea for at least fifteen minutes on the stove.  You can actually use ginger root to stick down in your tea or you can actually buy ginger tea bags at the supermarket to use as well.

Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot is an excellent thing to do if you suffer with arthritis because walking without shoes will help to ease the pain, swelling, as well the inflammation of arthritis.  According to published research, walking barefoot helped people who suffer from osteoarthritis enjoy a twelve percent decrease in pain.  So, once again, this is a great way to help relieve your arthritic pain.

Switching Over to Spicy Foods

If you happen to have an arthritic flareup, it would be in best interest if you could try and consume some spicy foods such as pepper, ginger, or even turmeric to add into your diet. 

Whenever you tend to have a flareup, by eating spicy foods, you will notice that your pain and inflammation will take a backseat in the arthritis world.  So, go out and purchase some spicy herbs and foods to keep on hand just in case a flareup does occur.

Add More Calcium in Your Diet

It’s a known fact that when you add more calcium in your diet, you will lower your risk of developing osteoarthritis or making it worse if you already have it. 

It’s been noted that after the age of fifty, a woman should be getting at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day.  If you could add more dairy into your diet, then you will be doing great for lowering your risk of your arthritis getting worse. 

You must understand that when you add more calcium into your diet, your bones will tend to get stronger and less brittle, making it easier for you to even get around the house with arthritis, much less the fact that your chances of developing this condition go down quite dramatically.

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