Home Remedies for kidney Stones

First aid for every disease is the primary stage prevention from such disease. It is very essential that you should consult the recognized physician of such disease. However, sometimes you can take precautionary measures by taking home remedies to prevent the symptoms of that disease. For every disease, there are home remedies available. The following listed precautionary measures are the part of home remedies for kidney stone.

If you want to feel free of kidney stones, then always drink plenty of water according to your potential. Therefore, it really increases your fluid intake capacity. Averagely, you should drink six to eight ounce glasses of water every day. You should try to avoid too much decaffeinated tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages, cold drinks in large scale.
Every person must adapt a habit of drinking too much water.

As a part of home remedies for kidney stones, regular checking of the fluid intake gives us idea about the level of water in our body. So measuring of the urine output offers a better suggestion of your fluid intaking capacity. In the pharmaceutical stores, we can get the measuring device, which we can fit in our toilet bowl. Medically, every day your body should exert 40 to 45 ounces of urine.

The next precautionary measure, which is included in the home remedy for kidney stone, is habit to eat lots of nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if you make a habit of eating fresh and clean fruits and greenish vegetables, it provides many vitamins, mineral and carbohydrates to your body. If there is any certainty that you are a suffering from kidney stone, then in that case these fruits and vegetables provide oxalates to your body. That is a supportive home remedy for your medial treatment.

A patient should eat fruits and vegetables which must be free from large amount of vitamin C. If you want to get rid from kidney stone, then the safest way is to always avoid food material having vitamin C. In medical terms, the suggested dietetic allowance of vitamin C for men is 90mg and for women it should be 75 mg per day. So vitamin C food material is also used as a precautionary option of home remedies for kidney stones.

If you are adapting a habit of eating less amount of meat and always give preference to eat fish then it will really prevent you from causing kidney stone. This is the best example of home remedies for kidney stone. The proteins that we get from animal meal give speed to the shaping of uric acid and calcium in the urine. This causes the formation of kidney stone in your urine. Uric acid takes shape when purines in protein foods are wrecked down. Therefore, if you are patient of uric-acid stones, it is better for you to cut back proteins.

Regular exercise is one of the important home remedies for kidney stones. This regular exercise gives assistance to the passage of calcium out of the bloodstream and into the bones. The benefit from this is stronger bones and so there is very less risk of the stone formation.

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