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Home security is important whether you call your home an apartment, a hotel or a house. Peace of mind comes from protecting your safety and your possessions. There are far more thieves than there are public safety officers such as police and fire rescue.

When people think of home security they often think of fancy security systems with cameras, alarms and immediate communication with a central security location. That is certainly an option but there are other measures that you can take that won’t break the bank and can be done immediately, sometimes without the purchase of additional equipment.

Developing a home security plan will include the safety of your home, possessions and yourself. It should include a fire escape plan and will include accident prevention for yourself and the family.

Home security is a process that accounts for the safety of your home, your possessions, your car and the safety of yourself and your family. You should first take an inventory of the property you own in the house. Create a checklist of the property in all the rooms of your home, categorized by room. This important step will be incredibly helpful if you do have a burglary to inventory what has been taken and to show the insurance company a record of what was owned before the theft.

Next take a good look at your habits. The most expensive system won’t stop a burglary if you don’t turn it on, maintain it or if you share your password with every one of your friends. If you have a large family and there is someone in your home you are much less likely to experience a break in than if you travel frequently and no one is home.

While planning your home security plan be sure to include: secure your locks and reinforce your doors. Secure the garage doors and don’t forget the door from the garage to the house!

Make sure that everyone in the house understands the home security plans. Don’t leave your keys in the front door locks or hidden under the doormat. Burglars know that if a key is going to be left outside it will be within easy reach of the front door. Experienced burglars will look over the door frame and any other area within easy reach. If you must hide a key in the front hide it away from the front door.

Experienced burglars will also gain access through an open window. If you enjoy open windows use a safety lock that will only allow the window to open partially. Not enough for someone to crawl through but enough to get fresh air into your home.

Trees and shrubs that block the view of the front entry to the house make for poor curb appeal. But they also impede the use of a proper home security plan. This concealed front entry is a perfect invitation for burglars to break in. Prevention is your best medicine. Even at night be sure the front entry and back are well lit. Darkness conceals suspicious behavior and gives thieves a perfect entry way to your home.

Begin with a home security plan that will decrease your risk of home theft and burglary. These simple techniques will help to decrease your risk and increase the safety of your home and family.


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