How do we and others see us?

How many times have we weighed ourselves and who we are by our weight? Are we weighed down by weight? We often fail to see that we can be in bondage because of our weight.

If you look at the media today you will see that most focus on food and weight. Most magazines regardless of whether they are aimed at men, women or children have something to do with weight, health, fashion or food. Some will focus on all of them, and many will be teaching children to value themselves and others by the size they are and what they wear.

People who are in the public eye are even more focused on their weight. How many celebrities are underweight and continuing to get the perfect body and the perfect weight? Most people never reach these goals because the definition of what is perfect changes year by year and sometimes day by day. What was classed as the perfect shape and size in the 1930’s is now seem as being obese and unacceptable.

Look at the way eating disorders and on the increase and how young some children are becoming anorexic.

Being obsessed with food and diet is causing more and more people to be addicted to food, weight and how they look.

How many have made food an enemy today?

We should eat because we need food but how many hate the food they eat thinking that is the problem behind their weight gain?

Sorry, but it isn’t the foods fault. Food on its own is healthy. Have you ever gone into the garden (yard) and looked at fresh fruit and vegetables, do they have the power to make us fat? Take a nice piece of meat or fish again do they have the power to make us fat? NO! We take these foods and then mess around adding so many fats, sugars and other things that we have to take the blame firmly on our shoulders. We cook it or chose to buy it.

When was the last time a cookie spoke to you and told you in an audible voice to eat it? Food doesn’t do this, we do it ourselves. Food is not the enemy but what we have done to it has become the enemy.

Our weight controls our moods and our lives. It is an idol in our lives. It has taken first place in our lives.

How many hours a day do we spend being concerned about our weight and food? The cycle needs to be broken. We may be at the right weight but it can still be an idol. Some may have abused their bodies that their metabolism is shot to pieces, so what is happening to their bodies might still not be good and healthy.

Stop weighing yourself and others by what you see and start to learn to take responsibility for your eating problems on yourself.

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