How much weight to lose before Christmas?

How many weeks are there to go before Christmas? Christmas I hear you saying how we can think about Christmas already.

Easily I want to give you a few goals here. If you lose at 1 lb a week then by Christmas you will be down by how many pounds? You might be down a dress size and what a difference that will be, family who haven’t seen you since last Christmas may not even recognize the new you.

The question is what goal do you have in regards to weight loss by Christmas?

Goals and rewards are always a good idea. Set yourself targets and that at certain points in your weight loss you will have a reward. No not a food reward, but use your imagination, have your hair done, nails done, a night without the children, keep thinking and add your goals and rewards.
Now back to Christmas.

At some point you will sit down and discuss the presents you will buy, the budget and maybe where you will spend Christmas. At what point do you discuss the food and traditions. Do you ever discuss the food to be eaten or do you just do the same thing because it has always been done. Now is the time to discuss it. Sit the family down and talk about changes that will be happening this year.

You can still do the big turkey thing but you can also save calories but making it healthy. Get the whole family involved in the preparation and then it will be less stressful for you. Announce that after dinner the video or DVD is going on to record whatever is on television and the whole family is taking a walk.

Now before some of you shout and say but that’s not we always do, let me take you back a step. Why do you always do what you do? You may say because it has always been done that way. Wrong, think about the television, they haven’t always existed so what did the family do before television. When the first person in the family got a television they changed the tradition and started a new one.

It is time for you to start a new tradition. Now is the time to talk rather than suddenly declare what is going to happen. Your might be surprised how much people dislike the traditions and would be glad of the change. You could be known as the person in the family who started the tradition. Imagine your children copying you and saying we have to do it this way because my parents did it that way. Start talking about the holidays and see what you can do.

How much work does it take to lose 1 lb?

To lose 1lb of fat you need to eat 3500 calories less that is just 500 calories as day. Did you know that if you replace a regular can of coke a day with water you will save enough calories to lose 14 lb in a year?

If you cut out 3 of the following snacks a week you can lose 1 lb of weight. All of these snacks are 500 calories each. Yes you read right, 500 calories.

Eat 3 of them a day and you have 1500 calories, more than many diets recommend you eat. What are these unhealthy snacks?

* 6 chocolate digestive biscuits
* 2 medium croissants with jam
* 1 iced bun and 1 packet of crisps (chips)
* 1 McDonald’s Big Mac
* 1 small packet of peanuts and 1 glass of dry white wine
* 1 medium portion of fries from a take away
* 1 Snickers bar and a regular can of cola,
* 1 medium Danish pastry
* 10 sweets from 1 of the following: celebrations, miniature, heroes, roses or Quality Street.

Quite a list how many snacks have you eaten in a day in the past?


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