How to avoid sabotaging your weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight and failing then you need to ask if you are sabotaging your efforts. Dieters are often afraid of being slim even if they are not consciously aware of this fear, and in return they end up sabotaging their weight loss.

If you want to successfully lose weight and keep the weight off permanently then you have to face your fears and deal with them. Until you know what you are fearful about then you will keep on sabotaging your weight loss and keep on failing to get down to a healthy weight.

What are some of the fears that people face when they are trying to lose weight?

* They are afraid that they might become more attractive to the opposite sex.
* They are afraid of the jealousies that might come from other people.
* They are afraid of any attention they might get as a result of their weight loss.
* They are afraid of the comments they will get from their partner and family.

Fear will stop them losing the weight they want to lose. You need to look at how your friends and family are reacting to you going on a diet and trying to lose weight? Are they being helpful or are they being negative. When you finally lose that weight you might still not be happy if you haven’t dealt with all the underlying problems which caused you to overeat in the first place.

You might find friends don’t want to be around you or they are rude in your presence. Would you become so unhappy that you think your life was better when you were overweight? You might then decide to overeat, to binge or give up exercising?

You might think you want something, but deep down you are fearful of what might be waiting for you. There might be no substance in your fear but it is enough to cause you to sabotage any weight loss plan you might be following. If this is you then you need to face the fear otherwise they will take priority in your life and you will continue to sabotage your weight loss.


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