How to Get Better Sleep with Arthritis?

Sleep for most everyone is a very sacred occurrence and if a person doesn’t get their usual, eight hours, then he or she will be in for a most uncomfortable and rough day ahead.  That’s just how our bodies function and if we don’t give it what it requires, we will most definitely pay the price for stolen shut eye. 

It’s a known fact that in people which suffer with arthritis, sleep is a vital key factor in reducing inflammation, stress, and so much more that comes with arthritic pain.  How can a person get better sleep when they have arthritis?  Today, we are actually going to be taking a look at how a person which suffers with arthritis can get better sleep.

Why Does Sleep Matter When You Have Arthritis?

I think we can all agree that sleep matters whether a person has arthritis or not, correct?  Did you know that if a person has an irregular sleep pattern and has issues sleeping, this could cause stress and stress is a factor which makes arthritis worsen? 

A lot of people are not aware of that, but it absolutely does matter, even if you think that you can get what they call, catch up sleep during the day.  It’s so important to your overall health that you try and get at least eight if not more hours of sleep per night.  You are only placing yourself at a risk for a flareup if you do not get the proper amount of rest needed for adequate health.

How to Get Better Sleep with Arthritis?

There are many ways to get better sleep when you have arthritis and below in a listing format, we are going to go over some of those amazing ways.

  • Drink Cherry Juice:  Did you know cherry juice is nature’s #1 source of naturally occurring Melatonin? In addition, cherries are rich in three other vital sleep-regulating compounds. These are tryptophan, potassium and serotonin.

    A 2018 Institute of Health study revealed the positive correlation between improved sleep and drinking cherry juice. This mean, this tiny red super fruit will not only help you get a better night’s sleep, but it is also packed with Vitamin C and fiber, too.
  • Taking A Walk After Work:  This is another great way to get better sleep if you suffer with arthritis.  If you can find the time to take a walk after your busy day, this would be a great way to unwind and the physical activity will help you to drift into better sleep.  This is because when you work the body during physical activity, the wind down will feel more natural because you have worked your muscles and have achieved a natural type of tiredness.
  • Drinking Teas:  If you could drink some Sleepy Time Tea, that would be really great in getting a nice amount of sleep with arthritis.  Keep in mind that the hot tea will bring on relaxation and the chemicals infused in the Sleepy Time Tea will help to initiate a natural and quite peaceful sleep. 
  • Doing Stretches:  This can be done during Yoga, but if you can just perform a couple of stretches before your bedtime, such as stretching your spine and legs, this will bring on a peaceful and natural sleeping pattern.  Let’s take a small example right fast. 

    Let’s say you are sitting on your couch watching TV trying to wind down from the day, and believe me, sometimes the TV isn’t the best way to go.  This is because of all the flashing blue lights and action that we witness on the TV and it will keep us up late into the night, disturbing our sleep pattern. 

    So, let’s say you’re one of those people that has to watch television and you’re on the couch and a commercial comes on, what you can do is a few stretches with your legs and toes to push relaxation before you go onto bed.  It’s best to turn the TV off at least one hour before your expected bedtime so your mind will have time to wind down on it’s own.  
  • Meditation:  Always make sure that you are getting nice and relaxed right before your bedtime.  There are elements which can bring on proper relaxation and some of those techniques include doing thirty minutes to an hour of Yoga time.  You can put in a DVD and do some Yoga right there in the comforts of your own home or go to a Yoga class with a friend or partner. 

    Deep breathing is also a great way to bring about relaxation and with sufferers of arthritis, deep breathing helps to calm stressors in life down, which trickles down to the decrease of your pain and inflammation throughout your overall body.
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