How to Get Children to Eat a Healthy Diet

As fast food has become the main diet of many children, and the rise of obesity in children, the problem many parents face is how to stop their children eating a fast food diet? If you have let your children dominate what your family can eat then it is time to take your role back as a parent and tell them what they can eat.

Children, who have never eaten a dinner, will not choose to eat one now. They will want food that they know and enjoy. As you change their diet you might have a few battles to contend with, but if you keep persevering then you will win the battle.

Don’t tell them they have to eat this meal or that food without giving them a reason why they should. Explain that sugars and fats are bad for their health. If they know an adult who has bad health because of their eating habits, explain that you are trying to save them from the same problems.

Make then foods they recognize and love. Make your own pizza and add some vegetables into the topping. Or you could make your own burgers, using some meat and some lentils. Chop into it onions and mushrooms, and cook them in very little oil. Buy burger buns and then make your own fries by baking them with a little oil in the oven.

If you can buy fruit in season when it is a good price, make a puree out of it. Add very light sugar syrup to it and then put it into lollipop moulds. Freeze it and when your child wants a lollipop give them one you made. You can also freeze the whole of the mixture, checking on it a couple of times, forking the whole mixture to break it into ice. This is a wonderful desert for both children and adults especially in summer when something cold is wanted.

Try and experiment with different foods and textures and soon you will learn how to get your children to eat a healthy diet.

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