How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is a material is one kind of solid piece. This concrete material forms in a kidney from the substances in the urine. Some kidney stones are larger and so they are fixed in the ureter, bladder and sometimes-in urethra. So how to get rid of the kidney stone and how to tolerate the pain which occurs when there is blockage in the flow of urine. Some home remedies and medical treatment can prevent and cure the kidney stones in your urine. So now do not worry, apart from home remedies, the advanced surgery, new techniques from medical science is the solution for your kidney stone pain of how to get rid of kidney stones. In some cases, these kidney stones are so large in size that it is beyond the home remedies. So medical treatments are the last options to lessen this stone plane. Previously a recognized physician had limited options like surgery to cure these kidney stone problems. Now due to enhancements in the medical science, there are various advanced techniques like shock waves, tunnel surgery, ureteroscope that assist the patient to get rid of kidney stone. The main roles of these techniques are mentioned below. ESWL is the first choice for the people with just one stone, or those who have had enduring problems with kidney stones. The sizes of these kidney stones are no larger than three centimeters. People with health problems like hypertension, disorders in breathing, heart problems, and diabetes cannot tolerate open surgery. In this shock wave treatment, a particular machine is used by the doctor to send shock waves in a straight line to the kidney stone. So that waves help to break the large kidney stones into small pieces and get rid of these small pieces by flowing and exerting through the urinary system of your body. The ESWL means extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. In which the Greek word Lithotripsy stands for stone crushing. There are two techniques are available in this shock wave treatment with two types of shock wave. You can sit in a pot of water with one machine. You can stretch out on a table with mainly latest machines. X-ray images are used by the physician to direct the sound waves to the stone The next technique is the tunnel surgery and in medical terms, it is called as percutaneous nephrolithotomy. In this method, a small scratch is made by the doctor into the backside of the patient. By doing this, he makes a slight burrow through the skin to the stone within the kidney. In this technique, the doctor uses a special instrument, which goes through that tunnel or burrow. At the final stage, doctor finds the stone and gets rid of this kidney stone. In the next technique that is called as ureteroscope looks like a long wire. In this technique, a wire is inserted in the urethra where the stone is to be found. This technique is incorporated with a camera, which makes possible for the doctor to view the stone and finally a cage is used to get rid of such kidney stone.

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