How to lose belly fat easy

Belly fat, or visceral fat as it is also known as, is significantly different from the other 3 types of known fat in the body. That is because it is the only fat that is both metabolically active and dangerous to your health. This means that the fat cells produce chemicals, hormones and burn energy. At the same time visceral fat is slightly different in that it isn’t in the muscle or over the top of the tissue but rather is entwined in the abdominal cavity around your internal organs.

This fat is the easiest to lay down and also the quickest to disappear when you remove the triggers. Your body is triggered to lay down belly fat in response to the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is released by the adrenal glands located over the top of kidneys when you body is in the ‘fight or flight’ situation.

Unfortunately, when you live under a great deal of stress it will increase the amount of cortisol that is secreted in a chronic nature. This chronic release will trigger a greater amount of cortisol release and therefore a greater amount of belly fat.

The belly fat will increase your insulin resistance which increases your potential for diabetes. Now that the problems with belly fat have been outlined, let’s talk about the simple things you can do to reduce your belly fat.

1. Drink lots of water to flush your toxins, help reduce your body’s response to stress and therefore the release of cortisol.

2. Develop a method of reducing your perceived stress at work and at home. Work with a therapist, go for a walk, take a class, get some recreational activities. Reduce your stress.

3. Exercise! Exercise will help to increase your calorie burn, will help your body to burn fat when you eat correctly and help you to reduce stress.

4. Sleep! We may want to stay up late, but this only increases the amount of cortisol your body will release. And, when you are tired during the day you will have a tendency to eat more as well.

5. Vitamin C supplementation will help to reduce the perception of stress in the body, and therefore the reduction of the release of cortisol.

6. Reduce or eliminate your caffeine and alcohol intake. There is a relationship between alcohol and the HPA axis that results in a greater excretion of cortisol in the body. Caffeine will have similar results.

7. Get connected with friends and relatives. Loneliness will increase the amount of cortisol your body secretes.

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