How to lose weight without counting calories

Theoretically, one pound is equal to 3500 calories. This would mean that to lose one pound of body fat you must burn off 3500 more calories than you eat over a period of time. For the most part, counting calories can be time consuming and often only highlights exactly how much food you can’t eat during the day.

What you focus on will expand. In other words, when you focus on counting calories, you are focused on how much you can’t have and this only eats away at your subconscious and desires.

Instead, let’s talk about how to lose weight without considering those dreaded calories. There are a couple of ways to burn fat, stay full, get healthy and not count calories.

The overall message is that if you eat less and exercise more you’ll lose all the weight you want. The problem is that every calorie is created equally. In other words, the calories found in celery won’t create a problem with insulin resistance, carbohydrate cravings and weight gain. But the calories in donuts, cakes and cookies will do exactly that.

One way to move forward in your weight loss efforts without counting calories is to replace your grains and carbohydrates with proteins and fats. For instance, by substituting protein at your morning meal for carbohydrates [eating eggs instead of bagels] research subjects felt more satisfied and ate fewer calories in the following meals without counting what they were eating. (1)

The people in this study also didn’t experience a rise in their blood cholesterol levels by eating eggs for breakfast in the morning. This research only adds to the research already done which points out that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without raising their cholesterol levels.

Another way to reduce the amount of food you eat without weighing and measuring the food you eat, is to use a smaller plate. You can create a more healthy and balanced meal plan when the plate you are filling wasn’t built for Mr. Universe burning 3000 calories a day at the gym. Instead, use a smaller plate and fill that. Psychologically you’ll feel like you getting a full plate of food but the amount you eat will be less.

When you look at the plate, half of it should be vegetables, one quarter should be a lean protein and one quarter can be high fiber carbohydrates. A plate that’s filled with these proportions will keep you feeling fuller, longer and reduce the number of calories you consume at any one meal.

Because refined sugars are calorically dense – or have a high number of calories in smaller portions of food – you should steer clear. These include sugar desserts, cakes, cookies, ice cream and pies. Instead, try freezing grapes and popping those after dinner. They are light, full of natural sugars and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Try to remove the dairy from your diet. While the milk council has promoted a study that reportedly demonstrated weight loss in people who drank 8 ounces of milk a day, dairy is a significant dietary allergen and will promote weight gain.

Add berries to your meal plans and snack foods. Berries are high in antioxidants, taste like dessert and have a low glycemic index. This means that you can eat them as much as you want without increasing your weight or increasing your insulin resistance.

Foods that are high in fats, like avocado and nuts, are very healthy and will keep you satisfied longer. However, they are also very calorically dense – lots of calories in a little nut. Instead, add them to your salad or sprinkled in your trailmix to increase your satisfaction without drastically increasing those pesky calories.
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